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Create a lush frog terrarium. Custom Cages and Custom Aquariums has everything you need to create a serene habitat for your frog species. Terrariums are an enjoyable living environment for your pet amphibian. Purchase a glass frog enclosure or custom cage today!

Custom Cages and Custom Aquariums makes it easy for you to construct just the right kind of frog environment. You can choose a standard tank or interesting shape. For example, there are square, pentagon, and hexagon frog terrariums.


A paludarium is a terrarium that contains both land and water features perfect for your frogs and toads. It is often referred to as a half and half aquarium, but Custom Aquariums will customize the space and size of land versus water best suited for your frog or your toad. The configurator feature allows you to create well-designed habitats that are ideal for your frog.

Frog Terrariums

Poison Dart Frogs

The brightly-colored poison dart frog is a unique amphibian. They require just the right humidity and moist environment. The vibrant poison dart frogs are enjoyable pets to care for and to showcase in your home, classroom, or office. They are not actually poisonous when kept as pets, but you will need just the right care. Constructing a frog terrarium that maintains the right humidity level is key. This can be achieved with our high-quality frog tanks and frog enclosures.

Jennie Lynx of Sold Gold Aquatics is a YouTuber and friend of Custom Cages and Custom Aquariums, and has purchased several of our tanks to keep frogs, fish and other animals. In addition, she is passionate about goldfish, amphibian, and reptile keeping, etc., and provides great information about the frog-keeping hobby. Watch her videos here for information and ideas for building frog terrariums.

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Custom Aquariums and Custom Cages is the premier leader in high-quality frog tanks for your poison dart frog or any species of frogs and toads. Browse and select your size and style of aquarium to create your frog terrarium.

You can choose from standard size tanks and aquariums or use the configurator feature to design the ideal home for your frog. Custom Aquariums and Custom Cages provides superior engineering. Thus, we will design the frog enclosure that suits your space and meets your exact specifications.

You can have custom wood materials and finishes for stands and canopies when you configure a frog enclosure, creating your perfect frog terrarium. We also offer sliding doors on the top of the cage to easily access your frog. There are many features and benefits to ordering your custom frog terrarium.

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