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Do you remember the last time you picked out a playpen for your baby? No doubt you wanted one that was high enough for you to comfortably interact with your child. Although the baby was relatively small, you didn’t want to constantly be on the floor.

Reptile Cages
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Well, the same concept is true for your reptile cages, snake cages or lizard cages. Reptiles are small creatures. Some of them can fit in the palm of your hand. While other species are much larger, they are still relatively close to the ground. Even if your pet doesn’t need exceptionally tall snake cages, it would be nice for you to be able to care for your pet without having to crouch on the floor all the time.

How to Elevate your Reptile Cages

The simplest solution to this dilemma is to simply purchase a stand for your reptile cages. Not only do stands add some height, they are also attractive, especially if you purchase them from Custom Cages.

Custom Cages is a top-notch manufacturer of quality reptile enclosures. They also sell snake cages and lizard cages at reasonable prices. One spectacular feature of these reptile cages is that they are extremely eye-catching. The Hybrid reptile cages have acrylic doors, so you can have a phenomenal view of the interior cage at all times. Laminate top and sides help retain heat and keeps the lizard cage at a stable temperature.

A stand will elevate your reptile enclosures to eye level so everyone will be able to see your charming pets. Stands are also great for storing any supplies you may need, like food, extra dishes and cleaning supplies.

Hoods can add the finishing touches to your reptile cages by hiding any light fixtures that may need to be installed. You can purchase hoods & stands for your reptile enclosures in a variety of colors including: Black Granite, Natural Granite, English Oak, Golden Oak, Cambridge Cherry or Prestige Maple.

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