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What type of material is best for your large reptile cage?

That’s a good question, and there is no best answer.

Some people may prefer an enclosure made from acrylic, while others may choose aluminum cages or laminate panels.

Large Reptile Cages
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The great thing about shopping with us is that you never have to compromise. Each reptile cage is built with your input, and optimized to be the best home for your pet!

To give you a better handle on the materials we offer, we’ll briefly go over the types of materials that are available for our custom cages.

Large Reptile Cages—Built to Your Specifications

Anodized Aluminum Frame:

  • Only comes in black.
  • Will never rust or corrode. This is especially important for reptile cages with moisture inside.

Acrylic panels:

  • Acrylic is extremely durable. It’s very hard to gouge, scratch, or break. This durable material will provide you with optimal viewing and safety for you pet!
  • Top-of-the-line UV properties. Even with the light fixtures and climate conditions, acrylic panels are very resistant to yellowing. Unless under extreme conditions, you should have a crystal clear view of the habitat.

Stainless Steel wire

  • Stainless steel wire offers a lot of ventilation. The main thing is to be sure the wire is small enough so your pet won’t get stuck or escape from its enclosure.

Perforated Aluminum

  • Perforated aluminum is ideal if you want to attach a lighting fixture to your enclosure. The durable wire gauge allows plenty of heat to flow into your pet’s habitat.

Design Your Own Large Reptile Cage!

What’s the best material for a reptile enclosure? It’s time for you to decide!

We have a tool on our site that lets our customers design their reptile enclosures from the ground up!

We call this the Custom Configurator, and you can start building your pet’s new home today!

Visit the Custom Configurator to get started!

You can save your progress and return at any time.

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