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Custom Reptile Cages

Shopping for large reptile cages or snake cages can be frustrating. Sometimes it seems like you are so limited in your choices. You may want a lizard cage that has a specific type of wooden design on top, making it more attractive. However, you can’t seem to find a reptile cage the size you need with that design available.

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As a result, purchasing custom reptile cages is your best option.

Custom Reptile Cages vs. A Pre-made Lizard Cage

Here’s brief overview of the differences between the two:

  • When you buy a traditional reptile cage, everything is set in stone. Maybe you were looking for large reptile cages, but were unable to find the right size. Too bad. What you see is what you get.
  • Custom reptile cages offer you a plethora of choices. Do you need a certain size, design or layout not normally available in stores? No problem. Simply specify exactly what you need when placing your order. Would you like large reptile cages with a flashy flamboyant color? Once again, order what you please.

So all this sounds great right. But where on earth do you find a manufacturer who provides custom reptile cages? Truth be known, there is only one right choice…and that is Custom Cages. Located in Wisconsin, this facility produces thousands of custom reptile cages every year for people around the world. Their large reptile cages have been featured on national TV shows, including Extreme Makeover Home Edition and MTV’s Pimp My Ride. When Hollywood starts clamor for a product like this…you know it’s gotta be good.