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Glass Terrariums
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It’s time to order your reptile enclosure, but you can’t make up your mind. Should you order glass terrariums or a snake cage with acrylic panels?

You are drawn towards the glass terrariums because they are so attractive. Before deciding, here are a few advantages and disadvantages of this option:

Glass terrariums are:

  • Extremely eye-catching
  • Easy to clean—just wipe your cage down each day with a damp cloth
  • Sophisticated

On the flip side, they are:

  • Heavy
  • Hard to move

If you have your heart set on glass terrariums, don’t despair. There is a simple way to purchase and transport your snake cage or reptile enclosure.

Ordering a Glass Terrarium

Custom Cages, one of the nation’s leading producers of quality reptile cages, has a special package for people wanting glass terrariums. Actually, it’s quite simple. You can go online and browse through their Majestic & Hybrid reptile cages. Find a design you like. Choose the type of wood you would like the frame to be made out of. Decide on a stain for your snake cage. And of course, pick a brand.

The company will create the reptile enclosure to meet your exact specifications. Then they’ll ship it to you. However, to keep things simple, and safe, they do not provide you with glass panels. Instead, you should purchase these from a local supplier so they are not damaged or broken during transportation.

However, Custom Cages will send you the exact measurements for your glass panels. So you’ll know precisely what to order from your local dealer.

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