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If you are searching for bird aviaries for nursing homes, Custom Cages can provide beautiful Majestic, Hybrid, or Suncatcher nursing home bird cages! With years of knowledge and experience in the industry of cage manufacturing,
Custom Cages can help you with nursing home bird aviaries — from the initial purchase to the moment it arrives on your doorstep!

Nursing Home Bird Aviaries

Bird aviaries for nursing homes are a delightful addition to your lobby area, where residents can observe the birds at play, feeding, or calling to each other.

Nursing home bird cages available at Custom Cages can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. If you have a certain style in mind, we can work with you to create your dream nursing home bird aviaries!

Available in Majestic, Hybrid, and Suncatcher, you can choose your exact style of bird aviaries for nursing homes!

Majestic – Nursing Home Bird Cages

Nursing home bird cages are most beautiful when they are decorative. Enter the Majestic bird enclosure. These elaborate furniture-style bird cages for nursing homes are perfect for residents to view. Some of the available woods and
furnishings for nursing home bird aviaries include:

  • Autumn Cherry Stain on Oak Wood
  • Black Paint on Maple Wood
  • Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood
  • Dark Walnut Stain on Oak Wood
  • Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood
  • White Paint on Maple Wood

If you have any other woods or furnishing combinations in mind, please feel free to give us a call! We can work with you to get the exact look you are looking for.

Hybrid – Bird Aviaries for Nursing Homes

When it comes to customization, our Hybrid nursing home bird cages are the perfect choice. Easy to split or add onto, with dividers or stackable options, there is a reason why this enclosure is called the “Hybrid.”

Acrylic panels can be interchangeable with stainless steel wire panels for birds to get more airflow. The background comes in a laminate style, either as a solid background or a vibrant graphic. Graphics can include
beautiful scenes of a cascading waterfall or misty forest, and we have over forty options of backgrounds! Our laminate backgrounds are ultra-violet protected, lasting for years.

Suncatcher – Nursing Home Bird Aviaries

Our nursing home bird aviaries available from Custom Cages also include the Suncatcher bird cage. Although originally created to withstand outdoor elements, these versatile wire cages are perfect for indoor use as well. Small Suncatcher
bird aviaries for nursing homes can have casters installed on the bottom for the cage to be moved around easily. In addition, acrylic or glass panels can replace the wire panels for a better view of your birds.

Bird Aviary Services

Serenity Aviary Services for Nursing Homes

Our sister company, Serenity USA (Serenity Aquarium and Aviary services), works with us to provide installation and maintenance services on aviaries for nursing homes. If you are looking for routine assistance with
your nursing home bird aviaries, this is where Serenity Aviary Services comes in. Serenity Aviary Services will provide bird care for your bird cages for nursing homes, including feeding, cleaning, sanitizing and overall

Serenity Aviary Services provides the following services for bird cages for nursing homes:

  • The nursing home bird aviaries or aviary of your choice
  • Health inspection and care for the birds
  • Bird seed
  • Correct placement of the bird accessories as necessary
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the aviary and food / water dishes
  • Replacement of bird nests

In addition to bird cages for nursing homes, we can additionally provide bird accessories for your nursing home bird cages, including adjustable shelves for stands, perches, and swings for your birds to sit, play or sleep on, cage backgrounds to provide vibrant color, casters for easy cage movement, friendly feeder systems for clean feeding, etc.

When residents see birds playing with accessories, it will bring a smile to their faces. Custom Cages and Serenity Aviary Services wants to help bring bird aviaries for nursing homes to your own nursing home. If you are interested in nursing home
bird cages, please reach out to Custom Cages today!

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