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Hybrid Reptile Cage Testimonials

Tegu Enclosure

Take a look at this customer's happy Tegu!!

"This is the habitat! I'm so happy to finally get him in it. If you look you can see a fountain under the log. The running water fountain looks like a real mountain stream."

One of our customers in Edinburg, TX shared photos of her bearded dragon "Lizzy" in an 18"H x 48"L x 18" H2 Reptile Cage: Cambridge Cherry. Thank you Cordelia, we appreciate your business!


Checkout the 60" x 48" x 24" Reptile Cage H3: we shipped out to Jen in Portage, MI. Thank you Jen and Reptar (Chinese Water Dragon), we appreciate your business!!!

"Reptar is loving his new enclosure!!"


Hi Stacy, Check out my iguana, Shauna in her new enclosure! The second photo shows the cage sitting on a heavy duty dolly we made, so it can support a lot of weight and still be movable. As the first photo shows, there is a lot of weight in the cage. We didn't use the casters which came with the cage. We put eight casters on the dolly. I also installed a fan. I love it, but more importantly Shauna loves it. Thanks for your help! Best,

Liz Simpson

Here is a 42"H x 42"L x 24"D H2 Reptile Cage: Natural Granite we shipped out to Marissa in Arcadia, CA for her Chinese Water Dragon. Thank you Marissa, we appreciate your business!

Here is a 24" x 48" x 24" Ultimate Reptile Cage H2: Cambridge Cherry with Cave Paintings background image we shipped to Caitlin in Bellevue, NE. Thank you Caitlin, we appreciate your business!

"I have absolutely enjoyed this cage we bought from your company. It's so spacious and came with everything I needed for a whole new set up! The background is GORGEOUS, like a piece of artwork within a piece of artwork. Stacy was super helpful when it came to figuring out what I did wrong when setting up the cabinet. Always prompt, she helped me figure out I had put the doors in the wrong way haha! I would recommend this setup to newbies and to people who have had reptiles for some time. And the hybrid system was in the perfect range for my pocket book! This cage is kitty proof!"


"Hi Stacy, Thank you for all your help with our enclosure!! We love it so much and so do Lizorita and Mommacita (our iguanas)!"

We shipped out a HR17 Reptile Enclosure 24"H x 72"L x 24"D Ultimate Package in Golden Oak to Tammy in Wyandotte, Michigan! Thank you, Tammy, we greatly appreciate your business!

"Thank you so much. We love it."