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Hybrid Reptile Cage Testimonials

Please read below to see what some of our happy customers have to say about their new Hybrid Reptile cages from CustomCages.

“Hi Stacy!

Well, all we can say is WOW! Leah and I are so very pleased with this terrarium. Ty looks like a baby again in this beautiful enclosure. He has been in for three days now, and of course we moved as well, so all his views are different. But with a little reassurance and love from us, he has begun to really explore. HE LOVES IT! We put a moon light simulator bulb on at night, and it looks like he's sitting under a full moon. We are so very happy that he gets to enjoy this beautiful tank for the rest of his days. I've already had two people ask about his enclosure since posting these pictures, so you might be getting some biz from Georgia. Please tell the owner how much we love this. And thanks again!”

Susan Gunn, Leah Denmark
October 28, 2016

Hybrid Reptile Cage
Hybrid Reptile Cage
Hybrid Reptile Cage
Hybrid Reptile Cage

“We love your stuff – we were sold when we got the first item we order – so I am sure this is the second order of many more to come.”

Gloria C.
May 10, 2012

"Thanks for all the quick turnaround on your response time! It was a pleasure doing business with your company. :) "

Mariel W.
Oct 11, 2011


"Just wanted to let you know that we ordered the cage today. Thank you for all of your help. I realized after we had been e-mailing back and forth that I could have found the answers to my questions online if I had looked harder! I also wanted to let you know what a tremendous help Miranda Osborn was. She was so nice and so helpful today and really made the experience enjoyable. Thank you to the both of you.

All the best,"

Marcus T.
June 30, 2011

"Thank you so much!! I look forward to putting the new habitat together! I had one for an iguana some years ago that was absolutely amazing. Beyond doubt, the best cages out there!"

McGee L.
June 26, 2011

“Thank you for giving me excellent customer service. Really impressed!”

Jarrett F.
June 21, 2011

“Bolivar” is an adult male red tail boa who measures ~7 feet in length! He came to Fox Valley Humane Association as a stray!!! Thank goodness we have the reptile habitat from Custom Cages to house him while he waits to find his new home. It’s almost like he is reading the logo in the habitat!"

Tawana H.
May 17, 2011

Boa cage, reptile cage, snake cages

They were prompt and kind in their service."

AnneMarie S.
Google Checkout
Feb 2, 2011

"I should have told you I'm the Treasurer for Friends of Amicalola Falls State Park....we purchased reptile habitats from you a year or two ago and we've had nothing but rave reviews since we got them built and installed. We've cleaned the substrate many times, but after the rattlesnake's last "deposit" I said we're getting NEW....I'm not washing this stuff again!!! ... my identical twin is an interpretive ranger at the Park, and she is the one who is ultimately responsible for the care and feeding of our critters at the Park (we have Oppossums & birds of prey too!). The minute it comes in [the new substrate], she'll be taking it to the park and we'll probably have a day of snake cage cleaning, listerine washes, and brand new substrate! Our snakes will be very, very happy....well, maybe not the water snake, she's a bit of a grouch, but everybody else will be!!!! 

Many thanks for your fine products and your fine service. In this day and age, it's refreshing!


LaVergne B

Treasurer Friends of Amicalola Falls State Park
June 18, 2010

Snake Tank, Snake Cages
H2 Reptile Cages / Snake Cages


Here is a picture of Jim Burson (instrumental in the initial purchase holding the black rat snake) and Kat Brigman (President of our Friends organization) handing over the keys to the habitats to Amicalola Falls State Park site manager Bill Tanner. The reptile display is in our visitor center just as you enter the park. Amicalola Falls is the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi! If you're ever in Georgia, stop by and see us.Once again, thanks for the great service and the marvelous product!


LaVergne B

Treasurer Friends of Amicalola Falls State Park
June 21, 2010

Snake Cages, Snake Enclosures
H2 Reptile Cages / Snake Cages

"This was taken of Buckwheat in his new H3 enclosure. He really seems to like it. The cage has provided a great habitat for him with the right temperatures and plenty of room to move. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product.


John M.
March 14, 2010

iguana cages, iguana enclosures
60" x 60" x 36" Complete Reptile Cage H3

"Hi Hannah,

...My girl is loving her cage that we got last year. She waited 23 years for a spread like this - thought you would like to see a photo."

Charlene B.
Dec 3, 2009

Huge snake cages, snake tanks
72" x 48" x 48" Ultimate Reptile Cage H3

"Thanks... I'm set with reptile cages thus far. The one you sold me last year is working out great and my iguana loves it."

John M.
Nov 16, 2009

60" x 60" x 36" Complete Reptile Cage H3

"I bought 2 cages from Custom Cages and I simple adore them.  My cages are a few years old now and are still in top condition like the day I purchased them.  Thank you so much for your beautiful cages!"

Kellie M, 
May 13, 2009

24" x 48" x 18" H2 Reptile Cage and 36" x 24" x 18" H2 Bird Cage

"Good Afternoon Hannah,

I want to thank you and all the staff of  I recently received my 60" x 60" x 24" enclosure for Spike.   The enclosure is beautiful and convenient.  Spike and I couldn't be happier!!! A spacious enclosure = a happy herp. These enclosures are so fantastic, a picture just can't capture the vivid beauty of the background.

I also wanted to thank you personally for all the help  you've provided during the ordering process.   

Many thanks to the staff at!!!!!!!!


Nicole F. & Spike
April 13, 2009

Bearded Dragon Enclosure Bearded Dragon Tank

60x60x24 H3 Reptile Cage

"I saw you had pictures of your cages people bought and thought I would send some pictures in.  We love the cage, Lizzy is so much happier now then she was in the small wire cage she had before. 


Carina H.
Feb 14, 2009

Green Iguana Tank Iguana cage, Iguana Enclosure
60"H x 48"L x24"D H3 Reptile Cage

"I've kept various species of lizards for nearly 20 years now. My CagesByDesign terrarium is by far the nicest enclosure I've had. I went with CagesByDesign because of the multitude of sizes I could have requested and various configurations. The cage is sturdy and well designed. With the help of my wife, putting it together was not difficult. But, most importantly, my water dragons love it.

Thanks CagesByDesign!"

Chuck H.
January 15, 2007

Iguana Enclosure, Iguana Cage

48x48x24 H2 Reptile Cage

“To the Staff of Custom Cages,

Thank you so much for the cage set-up your company was kind enough to donate to our son, Joshua. It is evident that a lot of time, care, and attention to detail were put into the entire project. Joshua was thrilled with the thought of receiving the cages, as he had read about the quality of your products in Reptile magazine; we were all overwhelmed by your generosity when we learned that you were setting him up with all of the accessories, as well. The look on his face was priceless!

Upon delivery of the cages, it took no time at all to assemble them. It was very simple, and the fact that it is on wheels made it so easy to move into position. After we put in the bedding and the accessories, it was time to move Joshua’s four corn snakes and two leopard geckos into their new homes. All I can say is, if reptiles could smile, they would have! They all have so much room, and they look much happier. Feeding and cleaning is a breeze, allowing Joshua to be able to have more hands-on time with his pets. Between having an aggressive form of lupus and kidney failure, he has had to give up doing many of the things he enjoyed doing, and it was looking like he might have to give up his pets because of the difficulty in taking care of their tanks. Thanks to Custom Cages, he can once again take care of his pets, and the whole family can enjoy them, too. The whole unit is beautiful, and exceeded all of our expectations.

Custom Cages, thank you again for everything! Not just for your products, which are gorgeous, but most importantly for the happiness and joy you have brought back into our son’s life. Your company is proof that people truly care, and we are extremely grateful for all that you have done.

With Much Thanks,”

The Corners
January 30, 2007

Multi-Unit Reptile Cages

3-3-1 H3 Reptile Multi-Unit Combo

“Cages by Design has taken our exotic animal room from “organized chaos” to a much more professional feel with the cages that they generously donated to our organization. Prior to that, we used a hodgepodge of cages to hold our various exotics.

The new cages are extremely professional looking, they allow us to keep more animals to be adopted and they even have great storage capacity for our supplies. The animals are certainly more viewable for potential adopters and that makes it easier for us to place them in good homes. Our ferrets are so happy and comfortable in a cage that was built just for them! Our reptile habitat allows us to beautifully showcase them as well as educate our community on their very specific needs. In addition to that the cages are on casters so we can arrange them to suit our needs.

We get so many comments about how great the cages look and ‘do the animals come with the cages?’

Adam and Brad from Custom Cages are a pleasure to work with and they’ve have always made themselves available for any questions or suggestions that we have.

Thanks Custom Cages for helping us to make a wonderful shelter even better…you’re the best!!”

Tawana M. Hanamann,
FVHA Health and Housing Coordinator,
Valley Humane Association
August 22, 2007

Herp Enclosures Reptile Cages, Reptile Tanks, Stackable Cages

Multi-Unit Bird Cages, Reptile Cages, Small Animal Enclosures

"Spike loves her cage! It was a good investment. It is plenty big to last her a lifetime. Plenty of room to grow, plus it is beautiful! It is the main attraction at my house. Thanks!"

Terrie D.
December 19, 2006

Lizard Cage, Snake Habitat Green Iguana Cage

72"H x 48"L x 36"D Hybrid H3 Reptile Cage

"... I just wanted to let you guys know that I purchased a 5' x 3' x 5' (LxWxH) H3 cage from you for my Colombian Red Tail Boa and this cage is one of the best I've dealt with. All the materials were really high quality and it was very easy to assemble. It only took me and one other person about 3 hours. The replica shelves are really awesome too. You guys are really doing a great job with these cages. Keep it up."

Cameron B.
August 10, 2006
Hybrid 60"H x 60"L x 36"D H3 Reptile Cage

"I wanted to let your company know how very satisfied I am with a cage that I had purchased for my 1 year old Chinese Water Dragon. The delivery was quick, and the cage itself is amazing. It is an eye-catching attraction in my home, and my Water dragon Kiwi loves it too. I recommend your name to anyone interested in purchasing a new enclosure for their herps. Thank You."

Amanda T.
July 26, 2006

"Hi. I am just writing to let you know that the habitat we bought from you about a month ago it a great success. Our 6 cresties (5 girls, 1 boy) are loving it. They cruise around on their branches & vines & love their waterfall w/fogger. We had plexiglass trays (2) built to fit the bottom to hold the ecoearth substrate & it is all working out great. Thank you for a superior product."

Patti C. and the Geckos
July 25, 2006

"I received my cage today about 2 weeks earlier than expected which was perfect because it arrived on my birthday of all days and I have 1 word for ya, BEAUTIFUL!!! It was everything I expected and then some. The only trouble I had was the lock directions but then I put down the directions and figured it out on my own which was much less confusing. But anyways I just wanted to thank you for getting it to me so fast and the next time I buy a new cage you guy's/gal's will be who I look up and I will definitely spread the word about how nice your cages are, Too bad you didn't send me a shirt or a bumper sticker or something to advertise your company around here! If at all possible send me some promo stuff!!! THANKS a million, Brian"

Brian H.
July 19, 2005
24"H x 96"L x 24"D Hybrid H3 Reptile Cage

"Just wanted to let you know how much we love our lizard cage. They are so happy and have adjusted so well to the space. We bought a 72 X 48 X 24 inch cage, and they have all the space they need! We are so glad that we made this purchase for ourselves and for our lizards. I don't know how anyone can keep their pets in 20 and 40 gallon tanks. It seems really cruel after what we have now.

Thank you again,"

Jack and Tami H.
April 15, 2005
72"H x 48"L x 24" Hybrid H3 Reptile Cage

"Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for the great cage. I have been admiring them for years but never had the money. I got laid off in December and figured, what the hell, so I spent some of my severance on a nice cage from you and a pair of Yellow Monitors. The cage was fairly easy to set up and is a breeze to maintain. Here are some photos, I'm still working on adding more branches and basking platforms. Thank you for providing a superior product, I would definitely recommend your cages to friends and buy more cages in the future. It's so much nicer than the one I built a few years ago for my ackies. Thanks again,"

Wendy M.
April 5, 2005

Great Lizard Setup, Lizard Enclosure Lizard Enclosure

48" x 48" x 24" Hybrid H2 Reptile Cage

"Thanks for awesome cage!!! I love it as much as my veiled chameleon "Ozzy". He feels right at home now that he is in his new pad. He used to be housed in a 30 gallon Terrarium and wanted out all the time. Now I cannot get him out of his new cage. Here are a few pics of "Ozzy". P.S. Delivery was prompt and all parts arrived as promised. Setup of my 4x4x2 cage took 2 adults about 3 hours to construct. I would recommend you guys to anyone."

Jeff R.
February 7, 2005

Lizard Tank, Lizard Cage Chameleon Enclosure Chameleon Tank, Chameleon Cage

48" x 48" x 24" Deluxe H2 Reptile Cage

One customer converted an entire room into a "Habitat Heaven" for his two Colombian Red-tailed Boa Constrictors. Afterward he faxed CagesByDesign a letter telling us how it went. In Dan's words "...reaction to the cage has been 100% positive...CagesByDesign as certainly surpassed my expectations, support from customer service is outstanding. I honestly recommend others consider this type of enclosure. For me, the cage was certainly worth every penny."

Click below to view the entire letter.

Dan W.
December 9, 2004

Huge Reptile Enclosure Snake Tank, Safe Snake Enclosure Customer Feedback

72x72x36 Custom H3 Hybrid Reptile Cage

"My cage is up and running. Rascal is so happy and everyone is just in awe of this cage. I've attached a couple of photos. Barbie"

Barbie B.
November 16, 2004

Snake Enclosure, Snake Tank

60" x 60" x 36" H3 Hybrid Reptile Cage


Here are the pictures of Larry enjoying his new cage - I didn't take one of the whole thing but its much bigger and cost less than any that I had seen at local stores. I was surprised at the ease that it took to put together and how quickly it went up - after the boxes were brought in and the parts sorted I was a little skeptical, but I was able to do the majority of it by myself. It took him a little running around and digging to get adjusted, but now that he is settled in he has started eating more (he had started losing weight before the move) and his personality is growing each day - we even have a chair set up next to his enclosure so that he can interact with our gray tabby cat Tobey (we don't quite trust the control he has over his catlike instincts enough yet to let them play without the barrier). We have been talking about getting him some buddies of his own kind and can hopefully act on that soon, after we get a few months of stability under his belt. Thank you for the quality cages that you provide - this one will definitely serve Larry, his buds, and those that will follow. I am more than pleased with the outcome of my cage - and can't wait to show it off. Thanks again!"

Jessica H.
June 8, 2004

Beardy Cages, Bearded Dragon Tanks Great Bearded Dragon Cages

24"H x 48"L x 24"D H3 Hybrid Reptile Cage

"The cage looks fantastic and is definitely the showpiece of the house. Below is my setup. I put it on top of a wet-bar (I took out the sink) and it looks as if it were made for the house. I spent a lot of time searching for the "dream cage" for my jungle-diamond carpet pythons and decided on a Custom Cage Reptile enclosure. I had it sized to exactly fit the wet bar I built it on, along with English Oak panels to match the oak wood of our den. It looks awesome with the Replica Rock ledges and has become a museum quality showpiece in our home. In addition to cage itself, however, I was most impressed with the service after my cage had arrived. I had a technical problem with the cage that took a little while to figure out. The Custom Cage consultant ("AJ") was patient and thorough in helping me solve and correct the problem. I am very happy with my Custom Cage."

John B.
May 16, 2004

Snake Enclosures, Snake Tanks

42"H x 60"L x 24"D Custom H3 Hybrid Reptile Cage

"Your cage arrived in perfect condition and went together precisely in just a few hours. "Rocky" is in the process of trying to find any weak spots in the structure. Ha! Thank you for a great product."

Pam S.
February 16, 2004
72"H x 48"L x 24"D Hybrid H3 Reptile Cage

"Hi, guys. We won the cage you had on display at the Chicago reptile show. I've taken a couple of pics of the cage. Zeke (the Iguana) is now living the high life. He loves it (and so do we). If you remember, Zeke was a rescue case. He had been abused by a young child when he came to us. Now, his life has turned around and he's healthy, happy, and getting bigger by the day. The new cage has really allowed him to sprawl out and get some exercise from the climbing. It has also become a piece of art in our living room. Thanks!"

Steve & Maria M.

Gorgeous Iguana Enclosures Iguana Cages, Iguana Tanks

60"H x 48"L x 24"D Hybrid H3 Reptile Cage

"Adam and his friends made it elegant, but simple. A light, maneuverable cage that allows your imagination to run wild. Thank you for making these beautiful, affordable, and user friendly cage designs. Not to mention the excellent customer support. Looking forward to my next cage project."

Rolando B.
April 29, 2003

Beautiful Snake Cages Snake Cages, Snake Enclosures

48"H x 36"L x 24"D Hybrid H2 Reptile Cage and 48" x 48" x 30"D Hybrid H2 Reptile Cage

"I am very happy with my cages, they are by far the best I've seen anywhere. When people come to my house they always inquire about the cages and always have such positive remarks and praise for the design and the way I've personally customized them. Each of my cage's house 2 snakes. One cage has 2 Pythons, the other cage has 2 Red Tailed Boa's. The snakes seem to be very happy & healthy in their new environment as well. They're not just cages to me, I considered them to be show pieces as well. I'm very proud of them and they look great in my living room. Thanks for such a wonderful home for my snakes. You do make the best enclosures available anywhere!"

Sgt. Scott E. Allen / USMC
April 26, 2003

Huge Lizard Tank, Herp Enclosure, Reptile Cage Habitats for Herps Lizard Cages, Lizard Tanks

"Thank you Adam,

I'd like to say that your organization is unparalleled when it comes to customer service and product quality. I searched high and low for a company that supplied reliable large scale cages and I need look no further...I recommend your cages to all my acquaintances interested in reptile husbandry. Thanks again."

Russel Stelfox
Astoria NY
April 1, 2003


I am sending you some pictures of my cages and their stands. I am so pleased with them. I have had so many compliments on them and my chameleons Scooter and Biddy just love them. I looked for cages everywhere but after seeing yours I had to have 2 of them. They are built so well and also beautiful to look at. They are very easy to clean also. I love the volcanos I ordered from you also, they really do the job of misting the cages. The rock shelves are great, the chameleons bask on them and I also keep their bowls of crickets on them. The chameleons think they have their own condos now. Thanks again for such a wonderful product."

Thanks so much,
Karen & John Ayers
March 16, 2003

Herp cages Great Reptile Cages Gorgeous Reptile Enclosures


We are truly pleased with our order. We decided to replace our old plain, wooden cage for our 11 year old Red Tail Boa "Shelly". We ordered reptile cage special 72"T x 48"L x 24"D. Everything arrived promptly and in good condition. After a little time to understand the instructions, the beautiful habitat was complete. It is setup in our lobby area, and everyone has complemented on how beautiful and natural it looks. Shelly seems to love exploring everything and basking on the shelves. It is so professional looking, yet a very natural and aesthetically pleasing environment for our snake. We will definitely recommend you!"

Ian Cassidy
The Ark Pet Hospital
February 24, 2003

Reptile Tank, Reptile Cage, Herp Enclosures Reptile Cages

"I've always liked creating very large exhibits for my animals. I decided to try a pre-made one to extend the living quarter for my bearded dragons...with the hood the cage looks and feels like a zoo exhibit and jaws drop when people see it."

Thomas Conlon
February 8, 2003

Great Bearded Dragon Cage, Beardy Enclosure Beardy Tank, Bearded Dragon Cage Beautiful Reptile Cage


We love the cage! My 7 foot Boa has taken to climbing up to the top shelf and basking in the heat each evening, and then goes down to sleep at night. My smaller Boa has begun burying herself in the bark on the bottom. They truly have never seemed happier! It has been a pleasure doing business with you, I am sure I will be calling on you again in the future."

Mindy B.
January 27, 2003

"I want to thank you for the quick shipment on my stainless panels you custom cut for my existing cages. The quality is superior and the fit was absolutely perfect. I will be ordering more for the sides and will send my order as soon.

Thank you again,

Lori H.
January 23, 2003

"I absolutely love the new cage! Guerrero de La Vida and Poco are definitely thrilled to have the room to stretch and MORE! They climb on all the cliff rocks and ledges and hang out on them for awhile before jumping over to the Y/straight logs. My 2 Iguanas are about 3 years old and full of they have a play land. I also like that your cages can be customized by your company, like the wire inserts, and also my own personal customization. I added a 2nd level using hardware cloth, plastic coated wire, hung from the wire insert with bendable vine and small bungee type cords. I also put flat rock wall (similar to your ledges but flat) on one whole side so they can climb up and down the wall too. Yes, this cage was VERY worth the wait and the time it took to put it together. I will be telling everyone I know about it...and HIGHLY recommend your cages to anyone who loves their Iguanas or snakes or other reptiles. Yes, it is a definite investment of money and building time...BUT well worth it for the health and happiness of my Iguanas. Oh is true about being able to get the parts up and around narrow stairways, my cage is in a spare room on the second floor of an older house. I actually carried all of it upstairs myself!"

Sue A.
November 28, 2002

Massive Lizard Cage, Huge Reptile Tank Great Lizard Cage, Herp Enclosure

"I just received my new cages and they are great! They are (in my opinion) far better than the original design. You have a FANTASTIC product and i will never ever purchase a cage from anywhere else and will tell EVERY herper I know to buy one from you. Thank you for a wonderful product and great service!"

Christopher R.
October 25, 2002

"Dear Adam,

The units are gorgeous. As a retired engineer (36 years in the mechanical and chemical engineering field) I can truly appreciate the quality of your designs for the enclosures. Congratulations and all the success you deserve.

Thank you..."

Fred S. and J-E S.

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