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Suncatcher Bird Cage Testimonials

Please read below to see what some of our happy customers have to say about their new Suncatcher Bird cages from CustomCages.

“Here are some pictures of the cage. It worked out great when we put the birds in there... they all switch from perch to perch and get along great!”

Lou L.
Dec 29, 2011

"Many of you asked to see us set up our traveling bird aviaries, to see how long it really takes and we tried to stretch out this time lapse as much as possible but it’s still under a minute! It really doesn’t take long at all, since we welded the sides together to make the process easier knowing that the cages would be set up and taken down weekly.

These outdoor aviaries are from Custom Cages and can be found here on their website.

For more aviary options, you can browse our Flickr photostream.

As you can see, one person can set these cages up by themselves, or you can make it easier and faster and use two.

Some exciting news I haven’t mentioned yet is that  these aviaries are going to be set up at Chet’s house for his parrots Tiko (blue and gold macaw) and Bean (rescued African Grey parrot) to use. We are really excited to see the effects the sunlight and aviaries will have on his parrots and looking forward to sharing both video and photos with you of the experience for those of you thinking about investing in an aviary yourselves!"

Quick and Easy Suncatcher Bird Cage Setup
Jamileigh Womach
Sep 2, 2011

"YoYo and Scooter in their new aviary! Thanks!"

5ft Diameter Suncatcher Bird Cage

Sallie S.
Sep 12, 2011

“Oh my WOW!  Late Friday afternoon, the FedEx truck pulled up ... & delivered an enormously long box!!!  Was I ever surprised!  I wish you could have heard my exclamations & delight as I opened the box to find .... FOUR beautiful long wood perches & TWO long cotton bendable perches!  I felt like I needed to keep pinching myself ... to make sure I wasn't dreaming!  All I remember saying was ..... OH MY WOW!!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes!!!  What an amazingly & extremely gracious gift!  Thank you!  Truly, you knocked my socks off & then some!  I have not been so surprised or spoiled in a very long time.  Felt like a little kid at Christmas!!!  I am so incredibly overwhelmed, pleased, thankful .... I am going to have such fun shouting your praises to anyone who wants to listen!!!  i.e. what stunning, wonderful Customer Service Custom Cages offers .... & especially recommend Ms. Hannah!  I have nothing but warm fuzzies from the entire experience now.  You truly had me walking on clouds Friday afternoon.

Fun thing ... just Friday morning, I sent the attached two photos of my birds ... Kea & Kukui ... to my favorite organic food vendor & friend, to share my excitement .... my boys in their new Garden Aviaries .... something I have been dreaming about for years.  She was quite impressed & mentioned, she frequently has clients asking where to purchase outdoor parrot cages.  So I had great fun sharing your name, contact info & Custom Cages!  Guess I should ask .... do you accept clients from Canada?   If yes, I'm going to have great fun once I have their cages set up even better ... sending photos to my friend, so that she may share with her interested parties.  

It's been raining like crazy .... not our usual Summer.  As soon as the sun comes back out & our parrots are outdoors once again in their new Garden Aviaries ... if you like ... I'd be happy to send you photos as we continue to "fluff" & fine-tune their new outdoor rooms.  Will be adding a few potted plants to the exterior to soften the whole look ... a bird bath inside for Kukui ... & hopefully before Fall / Winter ... build a pergola type structure with see-thru roofing (clear acrylic like) around the entire exterior .... to keep the winter elements off / away from the cages.  Hopefully preserve them even better.  And maybe provide a more sheltered outdoor environment, that even on warmer Fall days ... they can still utilize their aviaries.  It's a project in the making! 

So!   Hubby is home & is ready to hook-up all their new perches!  So I'll scoot for now ... but wanted to quickly send you a very heartfelt thank you ... as your "gift" was truly gracious & wonderful!!!  Still smiling!  Thank you!

Hugs & appreciation,

Janis DJ
July 18, 2011

Suncatcher Cockatoo Cage, Outdoor Cockatoo Enclosure

Suncatcher Outdoor Macaw Cage, Macaw Aviary

“Hannah, you are such a dear.  I do so sincerely appreciate your caring & most excellent customer service…  I'm still excited about the area we are creating for our birds.  I've dreamt of your aviary cage catchers for many years ... & still am pinching myself ... that it really "is" going to become reality.  Again, your customer service has been stellar.

Promise to keep you posted…  You & Custom Cages are wonderful! 

Smiles & good wishes,”

Janis DJ.
June 17, 2011

This was my second purchase of a large cage from this site in as many years. I am very happy with their products, their efficiency, and their customer service."

Rita P.
Google Checkout
Feb 19, 2011

"Hi, my name is Joylin G. and I live at Puerto Rico. I have one outdoor aviary from Custom Cages like 3 months ago now, this is the 8ft aviary with catch door. It has filled all my expectations, I was surprised that it was better than I ever imagine and so easy to install. I have 3 macaws in there and they live so happy now, I will buy another one for my hyacinths in a few months, buy it with confidence as I’m 100% satisfied."

Feb 16, 2011

Eight Foot Diameter Suncatcher Macaw Cage

“Better late than never with promised photos of  erected and occupied cage you sold me. I am very pleased with the cage. I have Lady Gouldian Finches and their nest boxes are attached to the interior of the cage. The tarps on two sides are to keep heat from two small heaters in in the winter and out in the summer. These Finches are very fragile.”

George S.
Nov 1, 2010

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"Thank You!

Gucci my white face capuchin loves her new room."

E. Rios
Aug 19, 2009

Monkey Cages

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"Hello Miranda,

The bowl and holders have arrived and we love them! We installed them yesterday and they are a perfect fit for our cages. We are very happy with the product. You guys do great work.

Thank you,"

(for San Diego Zoo)
May 13, 2009

Amazing Outdoor Bird Cages Huge Outdoor Flight Cages 
Outdoor Bird Habitats Outdoor Aviaries, Bird Habitats

Dave and I spent the day cleaning out the aviaries (so excuse the still mess in the background of the video sometimes)… we raked them all out and changed out toys from all the aviaries. And in the moment, since we moved our three smaller parrots inside for the cleaning… I decided, why not try Storm outside now?  

We hadn’t planned on moving him out there that early but decided it couldn’t hurt so we packed him in his travel cage and I opened it inside the aviary. He climbed out and walked across the grass as Dave video-taped and I got the travel cage out of there.

Storm made no attempts to attack Dave (which he had done in the past with both previous cages) and when I left and went inside, Storm actually made his purring noise of contentment to Dave! When Dave came in the house and shared that with me I couldn’t be more excited about it! 

I went out to see how Storm was doing as I spent the first few minutes with him and he NEVER SCREAMED! I thought for sure he would scream as we left him out there the first time but not an unhappy noise at all. He made only happy noises, preened and found a comfy high perch he liked. He slept out there for the night as we put him out there around 6pm or 7pm and an hour or so later it got dark out.

Who knew the transition could be so easy and cause such a difference?! We’re thrilled… if we can end on that note while every day he builds stamina, gets in better physical shape and continues to eat a healthy diet, I think we will be returning a healthy bird with YEARS added onto his life span!

Click the picture to view the video below!

Parrot Cages, Outdoor Parrot Enclosures

"Thought you might like to see your cage in our garden. Thanks again for you help!"

Carl Piplick
Aug 5, 2008

Dove Cages, Outdoor Parrot Cages

We just LOVE our new aviary!

"I just thought I would share our photos of the new aviary. We love it! I wish that we had bought this years ago. The birds have plenty of room, the feeding stations are ideal and the whole aviary is very easy to keep clean - much better than the two smaller cages that we have been using. Great product!"

Barbara Sacks

Outdoor Bird Aviaries, Bird Cages

"I just wanted to let you all know that my African Gray, "Louie" seems to really love the aviary I bought from you. He has been picking his tail and flight feathers for over ten years and generally look pretty pitiful. He spends the nights indoors. However, now that he spends his days outdoors he has nearly stopped the feather picking and the change was immediate. After just a few weeks outdoors he now has long flight feathers and his red tail is returning, though he still seems to be picking at it a bit. I guess old habits are hard to break. I'll add another toy and maybe he'll forget about his tail.

Though I know this won't be the solution for every bird I thought you might appreciate another testimonial. I feel good knowing that I finally did the right thing for my bird."

John W. Scott

"Thank you for all the help you have given me concerning your aviaries.  We have the aviary set up on a square cement slab.  It is a truly beautiful adornment to our Convent grounds.  Next spring we will put flower pots on the corners of the slab.

Assembly was relatively easy and self-evident. The panels are heavy and sturdy and are very securely held together. The entire aviary is topped by an elegant roof. We are very pleased with the entire process and are truly satisfied with our new aviary.

Poirot (the African Grey), settled in very quickly.  We have started out with a cold fall, though he has spent some warm afternoons whistling and talking his head off in it.  He calls all our dogs by name, and says hello to anyone walking by."

Mother Barbara, St. Elizabeth Convent

"In August we ordered our first 8 ft. diameter aviary to house love birds in our Flower/Koi Pond Walking Garden.  We couldn't have been more thrilled with the looks, quality, ease of assembly and fast delivery time.  The "Birdy Buffet" Rotating Feeder Station has been a wonderful and efficient time saver.  We also appreciated the personal attention we received from [Suncatcher Enclosures*].  The birds seem thrilled with all the space and I believe even their color has improved by their exposure to the outdoors. 

We recommend [Suncatcher Enclosures*] as a company which has the highest standards for both products and service, something that is all too rare in today's business world." 

Zhenna Bouray, Caballos de las Estrellas RV Resort, Rodeo, New Mexico

"Thank you for you help in choosing homes for our jays, magpie, and raccoon.  The aviaries are well built and look great, which is important, as our animals are on display to the public.

Thanks again,"

Cherie Mascis, Curator of Animal Programs

"Thank you for the professional manner in which my order was handled recently.  After seeing your aviaries advertised in Bird Talk Magazine for quite some time, I finally had an opportunity to view your aviary living environments in person at 2 local bird shows in my area. After seeing one live and in person, I fell in love and decided that I must have one.  Actually in fact… two! I have been looking for a long time for something of this quality; however I have been disappointed with what was on the market. I was totally impressed with the appearance, quality and price.

After seeing the aviaries on 2 separate occasions, I purchased 2 aviaries. One in the larger 8-foot size, and one of the medium sized 6-footers.  I was able to assemble both of these cages with the help of my wife in one afternoon.  I feel that my 16-year old nephew would have been able to assemble these cages with ease, and in fact I would not be surprised if he would have done it much quicker.

The aviaries really look great in my back yard, and my birds truly adore the living environments.  I have a Yellow Nape Amazon, and he loves hanging out in the afternoon, playing on his swinging rope and playing with his other toys I have in the 6 foot.  In the 8 foot I have 6 white Doves.  As soon as I placed the Doves into the 8-foot aviary and gave them their nesting boxes, they were sitting on eggs within 14 days!  Honest to Goodness… I have never seen my birds happier.  I currently have 11 Doves and I am in need of selling some of them to ease the population. Again, thank you.  I am so delighted with the over-all experience with your product and staff at [Suncatcher Enclosures*].   I will gladly recommend your product to family and friends.  Keep up the good work."


"I would like to thank you for creating my indoor 6ft. aviary.  It has worked out beautifully for my toucans.  Also, for your customers you might want to suggest papers on the floor as opposed to litter.  It is very easy to walk into the cage and roll up papers, while it would be more difficult to sift litter while you are standing in it.  Over all it is a wonderful indoor aviary and I would have purchased one for my african greys had I known about you sooner.  They have conventional cages and a room dedicated to them, so they hang out all day with their buddy my umbrella cockatoo.  The room becomes a sea of bird seed, peanut shells and droppings.  This requires a major clean every two days, however, if I had installed one of your 8ft. aviaries I could have eliminated a great deal of mess.  I am hoping to reorganize soon and incorporate your aviaries throughout my house and yard.

Thanks again,"

Colleen Dunn

"Sorry I’m late getting this out to you, but I have been in the middle of several projects.  This is the article I wrote for the Arizona Seed Crackers bird club we belong to. I hope you can use this.


We finally did it, we installed twin [Suncatcher Enclosures*] Eight Foot Aviaries. Spazy, our Military Macaw and Bandit, our Blue and Gold really enjoyed their mesquite tree they used to spend the day in but it was just getting to risky for them. Between the pigeons and the hawks and Spazy taking walks across the street to visit the neighbors, it was getting too dangerous for the boys to have their freedom.  I even found Spazy sitting on the fence watching the kids go to school and Bandit liked to climb the Saguaro cactus.  One day I found they were both in the palm tree.  It wasn’t that we ever left them on their own for more than a few minutes, but even a wing clipped pedestrian macaw can move exceptionally fast when they make up their curious and determined miniature super brains that they want to go somewhere to investigate something that catches their attention. 

Bandit and Spazy have become sorta neighborhood icons.  It seems that everyone knows the boys and look for them outside.  I even hear people talking to them by name.  Cars even pull up at the curb just so that people can watch the Macaws on the corner of Oak and Laguna.  When people don’t see them outside they ask us if something is wrong.

I put up both of the aviaries up by myself without any major problems.  Answers to any questions I had were just a phone call away.  I’ve built aviaries before from scratch and the time and materials were much more involved and took a lot longer to build than these.   We set these up in front of our house between next to the boy’s old mesquite tree.  We have been pleasantly surprised by our neighbors who have all commented about how beautiful the aviaries look.  They blend in with the landscaping so well that some of the neighbors didn’t even realize I had set them up.

We were worried about how our birds would resent the loss of their freedom, but as soon as we put them in the new aviary they loved it.  We moved all their toys from the tree plus some more we had for them into the aviaries along with one of the branches we had to remove from their old mesquite tree.  It was easy to hang all of their favorite toys from the roof supports with eyehooks.  So, it was just like their old home, only now they were protected from the outside world and the outside world is protected from them.  I also installed two of the optional feeding stations, so now there is no more competing with the pigeons for their food.  The feeding stations are great the way they swing out and there is a lip that prevents the birds tipping or removing the stainless steel feeding dishes.

So now Spazy and Bandit have the full eight foot by nineteen foot (including the safety cage) to roam and climb in and we don’t have to worry what they are getting into or where they might be going.  Another great feature of having the twin aviaries is that when their girl friends, Kharma (another Blue and Gold) and Signal (another Military) come over to visit, is that both the boys and the girls can have their own aviary, plus with the safety cage in the middle we don’t have to worry about playful beaks injuring toes on the other side if it was a single wire divider.  

The only thing we plan to add to our birds 9 to 5 home, (they are only outside in the daytime, weather permitting, and only if we are home), is a misting system, so we can extend the number of days of the year they can enjoy their new and safe outdoor environments.

After seeing how much our beautiful macaws enjoy their new home we are so glad we made the investment.  The expense of possible veterinary bills that could have resulted from some of their risky adolescent behavior may well have far exceeded the expenditure on the aviaries.  We also have piece of mind. If we get distracted for a while, the boys will still be where we left them.  The only regret we have is that we did not get the [Suncatcher Enclosures*] aviaries a year ago when we first saw them and thought about getting them."

Cliff Steele

Greenwing Cages, Blue and Gold Cages Macaw Enclosures, Outdoor Macaw Cages

"We want to thank you for the beautiful aviary. We are thrilled with it. It has transformed our backyard. It is a well-made, high quality, aesthetically pleasing structure. Our 12-year-old son was passionate about getting a backyard aviary.  We resisted, but we are now converts.  We spend a lot of time in the backyard admiring the birds in the aviary. 

Thank you for offering a rare find!"

The Schrievers

"I purchased a stainless steel, 6 ft diameter aviary from you last spring.  The birds have enjoyed it immensely and my husband and I enjoy watching them fly around in such a large cage.  Here are two photos – one of the cage at our home and one of the six budgies.  The big cage is actually easier to clean than the smaller ones – I just sweep and vacuum the linoleum floor and surrounding carpet every day and wash the floor weekly.  

Feel free to use the photos on your website.  Of note, I put some Velcro on top of the door frame and use that to attach netting (that covers the open doorway) when I enter and exit the cage to prevent the birds from escaping through the large door.  It works very well – when the birds get close to the netting, they cause it to move and it scares them away – no escapes.  That and the octagonal bamboo rug to put under the floor I suggested previously (purchased at Loews) might be helpful suggestions for others who purchase this aviary."

Karen Gehrs

Canary Cages Huge Birdcages

* Suncatcher Enclosures, formerly U.S. Cage by Aviary Connections.

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