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Majestic Bird Cages – Contemporary

One of the most popular lines of cages we build are the Majestic cages outfitted for small birds like finches and canaries. Serenity Aquarium & Aviary Services uses a lot of them all over the Midwest in assisted living facilities and other businesses. Keeping small birds in large rooms of commercial buildings presents some challenges, but these aviaries meet all of them. The space inside the aviary is enclosed enough to be able to control temperature and prevent drafts that can harm small birds. Another advantage of an enclosed aviary for small birds is that the dust and mess they can produce is contained, so people with bird allergies are less likely to have a problem, especially if the cage is serviced regularly and kept clean. Our water dishes and feeders are all mounted outside the aviary, making it fast and easy to change the food and water without birds escaping. The viewing windows are large and on doors that open wide for easy cleaning, and a roll-up screen can be pulled down to prevent birds from escaping. The cabinetry of a Majestic cage is a fine piece of furniture that makes a great centerpiece in any room. Here are some pictures of some Custom Cages Majestic finch aviaries that are in service with Serenity Aquarium & Aviary Services.

Majestic Bird Cages 1
Majestic Bird Cages 4
Majestic Bird Cages 2
Majestic Bird Cages 3

Janet’s Custom Bird Enclosure


Custom Cages has been a great company to work with. This was a custom enclosure and they worked with me to get everything exactly as I wanted it.

We spent weeks going back and forth with samples of different woods and finishes and the final product couldn’t be better. When you’re purchasing something like this, know it will be costly and it takes time to build. I knew from the outset it would be 12 weeks, I placed my order 1/29 and received it 4/19. Paying upfront for a custom piece is customary.

If it’s build-for-you then the company would be out if your payment isn’t there 3 months later. When Fed Ex freight couldn’t get the crate off the truck because it was too large, Custom Cages stepped in and had a moving company pick it up and deliver it to me. I have enjoyed my experience but I also did my homework and knew what I was getting into. Thanks Stacy and crew for giving my birds the enclosure of my dreams. Everyone just loves the enclosure. Thanks again for all your help.


Scott’s Majestic Ultimate Corner Bird Cage

Checkout the 81” H x 35 1/4” (A) x 23 5/8” (B) x 48 1/2″ (C) Majestic Ultimate Corner Bird Cage: Contemporary Style~ White Paint on Maple Wood with Cavern Waterfall Background we shipped out to Scott in Austin, TX. Thank you Scott, we appreciate your business!

Scott Austin

Majestic Enclosure with Hickory Wood

Volunteers of America the Homestead

Check out this beautiful 60x48x24 Majestic® Enclosure custom made to order with Hickory Wood for The Volunteers of America The Homestead of Anoka!

Debbie’s Classic Style Natural Oak Stain Stain Enclosure

Our customer in Bronx, NY sent us an updated photo of her new 48″ x 72″ x 36″ Majestic Ultimate Bird Cage: Classic Style~ Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood with a 9″H Hood and 24″H Stand with Mickey enjoying her new home! Thank you again Debbie, we really appreciate your business!!!


Tony’s Majestic Bird Cage


Here is a custom Majestic Bird Cage: 60″H x 60″L x 30″D~ Classic Style~Distressed Antique White with a 12″H Hood Majestic (with one door) and 6″ feet we shipped out to Fort Collins, CO. Thank you Tony and Lauren, we appreciate your business!!!

Majestic Bird Cage for Crabtree Nature Center

Here is a 48″H x 48″L x 36″D Majestic Bird Cage: Classic Style~ Colonial Oak Stain on Oak Wood with a 18″H Stand we made for Crabtree Nature Center in Barrington Hills, IL. Thank you Crabtree Nature Center, we appreciate your business!

Crabtree Nature Center

Majestic Ultimate Finch Bird Cage

Jean Falls

Here is a 60″ x 48″ x 24″ Majestic Ultimate Finch Bird Cage: Classic Style: Colonial Oak Stain on Oak Wood with the background image Trails End we shipped out to Wappingers Falls, NY. Thank you Jean, we appreciate your business!

Hi Stacy, Pictures attached, but they just can’t do it justice.