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Large Macaw Cages

You may not think of parrots as strong, aggressive and destructive. But if you’re talking about Macaws, those three words aptly describe this particular species. These birds have been know to tear their large macaw cages apart, destroy their toys and eat away their birdcage cage frames.

Large Macaw Cages
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Obviously this goes without saying, when shopping for large macaw cages, think strength & durability! Anything less and you’ll find yourself constantly replacing destroyed bird cages, and wasting a lot of money.

The Toughest Large Macaw Cages on the Market

While many retailers and manufacturers only sell small bird enclosures like budgie cages, conure cages and finch cages, Custom Cages produces habitats for every type of bird. And the Hybrid brand is the very embodiment of strength & durability.

Let me explain.

In the first place, these large macaw cages are carefully engineered by top professionals. Computer tests were taken. Designs were considered. Careful thought & planning went into every piece and corner. The end result was tough unbreakable, un-chewable large macaw cages.

Now let’s take a look and see why these bird cages are superior to any other type of large macaw cages on the market:

#1. Sturdy Corner Joints. This is a revolutionary system pioneered by Custom Cages. These joints are specially designed to withstand a tremendous amount of force. They are so sturdy it is almost impossible for them to break or bend.

#2: Anodized Aluminum Frame. This frame is extremely tough, offering maximum durability for your macaw cage. It is highly attractive and the anodized finish adds tremendous strength to the birdcage itself.

#3. Thermofused Laminate Panels. Made from a sturdy, washable type of material these panels are resistant to bacteria and odor buildup. This is ideal for any bird cage, as parrots are known to be messy. If you don’t clean up after them smell is definitely an issue. And the bigger the bird, the stronger the smell.

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