Conure Cages, Build Your Own Conure Cage

When setting up your birdcages, there are various things to consider, depending on the species you are purchasing. For African grey cages, it’s important to provide climbing space. With love bird cages, sunlight is critical. For cockatiel cages, the space between the bars is a factor. And for Conure cages—it’s all about providing enough space for them to play.

Conure Cages
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Conures are cheery, happy-go-lucky parrots that will keep you entertained for hours with their amusing antics. So when it comes to conure cages, size is important. Why? You need enough room to turn your Conure cage into a lively, interactive playground.

Think of it this way. When setting up a new bedroom for your toddler or preschooler, what comes to mind? Lots of toys and playthings. Well, the same principle applies to Conure cages.

The Hybrid bird enclosures make outstanding Conure cages. They are spacious but have a shallow depth, which makes them easy to move around and fit into corners or other tight spaces. The birdcage comes with stainless steel panels, which provide plenty of airflow. Your Conures will love climbing on the panels as well. In addition, these hybrid cages have clear acrylic doors. So you will always be able to see what your parrot is up to.

Turning a Conure Cage into a Bird’s Paradise

In order to keep your bird entertained, you should fill your Conure cages with toys, swings, perches, and other play items. It’s also a good idea to purchase a stand for your parrot cage. This elevates your birdcage to eye level, so you can always see what’s happening in the Conure cages. Many stands also come with built-in shelves, enabling you to store all your bird supplies in a single place. This is an important factor for Conure cages. Frames can easily serve as a much-needed toy box. Because Conures become easily bored with the same toys day after day, experts recommend rotating different toys on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This keeps you Conure entertained and your Conure cage looking fresh & different. So a stand is great not only for keeping your birdcage elevated, but also as a place to store toys & bird supplies.

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