Large Parrot Cages, Build Your Own Large Parrot Cage

One of the biggest concerns when purchasing a large bird cage is durability. This is especially true when you plan on housing a large, aggressive parrot such as an Amazon or African Gray. These birds have powerful beaks and an amazing intellect—which can be both positive and negative, depending on how they use it.

Large Parrot Cage
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You’ve pondered what type of parrot cage you should buy. You wonder if you should look into a standard stainless steel parrot cage, or maybe a wooden cage would be better. A build-to-order bird cage would be perfect, but you wonder where you can find a manufacturer. Bottom line, your main concern is durability and a trustworthy design. You need to find a company that offers parrot enclosures that are reliable and simple to set up.

The Most Widely Recognized Parrot Cage Manufacturer

If you…

  • Want large parrot cages that are strong,
  • Need a stainless steel bird cage that is well-ventilated,
  • Are looking for a build to order bird cage that is easy to assemble,
  • Are searching for a custom cage with supreme durability, then…

You’ve just come to the end of the rainbow. The Hybrid, Majestic, and Suncatcher large parrot cages offered by Custom Cages meet your criteria exactly. Here’s how:

  • Revolutionary corner joint system. Made out of fiberglass-reinforced nylon composite, our corner system is the strongest in the industry. Our large parrot cages are designed to withstand a tremendous amount of force.
  • Aluminum Framework. Every large parrot cage has a thick aluminum frame, for maximum security. There is no way your aggressive or excited macaw can destroy his large parrot cage or stainless steel bird cage.
  • Interlocking doors. We all know that parrots are clever creatures who can easily learn how to escape from their cage. Our secure locking system completely eliminates this concern. The outer handles interlock with the frame, abolishing any possibility of escape. We also have a secure, keyed lock that is placed on the outside of our custom cages, completely out of your bird’s reach.

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