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Wood Bird Enclosure
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The wood bird enclosures made at Custom Cages are made to be transportable so that if you ever need to move your cage to a new location, you can do so with ease.

Transportable Wood Bird Enclosures

When we designed our Majestic aviary cages and custom bird cages, we already thought of everything in advance. We know people move. We know people rearrange their homes occasionally. So we wanted to create a bird enclosure that was easy to haul around.

As a result, all our custom wood bird enclosures are transportable and designed specifically to be easily taken apart and reassembled. This allows you to move the enclosure to wherever they need to go. Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to lift bird enclosures that weigh hundreds of pounds. With our system, you can easily transport your cages as often as you like. Plus, our wood bird enclosures break down into small enough pieces where they can fit inside your car, or up a flight of stairs.

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