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Wood bird cages make a perfect furniture style bird cage, due to their natural look and aesthetic beauty. Our large aviaries have a finished appearance and are a perfect way to add a stroke of elegance to your home.

Wood Bird Cages
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Choosing the Perfect Wood Bird Cage

The Majestic bird cages offered by Custom Cages come standard with a wooden frame. Just take a look at all your options:

  1. Oak—Oak is a strong, durable wood. It’s perfect for large cages that will be housing macaws, African Greys, or some of the larger species.
  2. Cherry—Want something a bit more elaborate for your wood bird cages? You can’t do better than cherry wood.
  3. Maple—This is the embodiment of high class and style. If you want your large bird cage to be a real eye-stopper, maple may just be the wood of your choice.
  4. Customize –Is there another type of wood you are particularly fond of? If so, simply let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. After all, we want your wood bird cages to fit your exact specifications. And we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your requirements are met.

Once your wood bird cage is built, we’ll finalize the project by adding a custom stain. Color options include:

  • Natural oak
  • Colonial oak
  • Dark walnut
  • Autumn cherry

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