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Large bird cages offer many advantages over small ones:

Large Bird Cages
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1. Physical health. If you do nothing but sit on the couch all day what happens? You become listless, unhealthy and out of shape. Well, that’s exactly what happens to your bird. As a result, a large bird cage is important because it allows your pet to move around and stretch his muscles.

2. Mental health. A parrot that is cooped up in a tiny bird cage will become depressed and sullen. He may develop self-mutilating behavior such as feather plucking and toe flicking. If you want your parrots to be happy, be sure they have large bird cages to call home.

3. Reproductive health. Interested in becoming a hobby breeder? Large bird cages are a must. Birds that are able to exercise and are happy will be much more fertile than overweight, depressed birds.

Finding Large Bird Cages…

The Majestic, Hybrid and Suncatcher bird cages offered by Custom Cages, are large, functional and attractive. They provide your pet with plenty of room to stretch. Some of them are so large they are more like a bird aviary than a parrot cage. Despite their size, moving these large bird cages from place to place is extremely simple. These customized bird cages come with casters, so all you do is wheel the parrot cage from room to room. This is especially helpful if you want your pet to catch those early rays of sunshine that stream through the windows. Even these large bird cages can be fitted with hoods and stands, which contain removable shelves. These shelves are perfect for storing your bird supplies.

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