Snake Racks

Used for breeding and housing snakes, these snake cages, snake racks, snake tubs and more are the most high quality, versatile reptile racks available online!

In this video, we provide details on how to properly assemble Vision Versa-Rack snake breeding tub systems. All the basic instructions for the Hatchling, V-series and Sterilite Tub systems are covered in the video. We hope by viewing this video you can get a feel for just how easy assembly for Vision snake racks is. Indeed, these snake breeding products can be assembled in just minutes, as the tubs slide easily into the racks. In addition, they are stackable to conserve space and are additionally great for display.

Vision Snake Racks

The Versa-Rack is a versatile tub and shelving enclosure system that can accommodate tubs of different sizes with only minor changes in parts and their orientation. Therefore, the assembly steps for each rack are basically the same. This video tutorial will take you to through basic steps for building a Versa-Rack in the Hatchling, V-28, V-35, and V-70 series, as well as the Sterilite tub series.

For any questions on how to assemble your snake rack products, please contact Custom Cages today.

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