Custom Cages Catios | Build Your Own!

Is your inside cat always itching to go outside? Even though our cats live very happily indoors, sometimes we can’t help but feel they’re missing out.

Many cat moms and dads give their little ones outside time with a Suncatcher Catio!

What is a Catio?

Catios are outdoor cat enclosures connected to a house, or a “cat patio”, providing the perfect mix of safety and stimulation for your feline friends.

Indoor cats typically have access to this enclosure through a window connector or cat door from inside the house. This offers a consistent access point to the catio anytime your pet desires.

Why are Catios so Popular?

We construct catios and outdoor enclosures for numerous pet owners, and this type of enclosure is only getting more sought-after.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Cats safely enjoy the wonders of the outdoors
  • Heightens their stimulation and enrichment
  • Eliminates the concern of predators, traffic, and other people
  • Protects other wildlife from your little hunter
  • Decreases misbehaviors in the home like fighting or damaging furniture

Our Customizable Catios

Our most popular catio design is the SunCATcher Cat Cage, trusted and loved by cat parents worldwide.

Here’s a few of the features that our customers love about Suncatcher Cages:

  • Customizable sizes, orientations, and cage materials
  • Easy assembly
  • Walk-in friendly
  • Lockable
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Secure, attachable roof
  • Strong wire panels that let in light but aren’t easily damaged by cats
  • Attachable Freedom Window Door for safe, independent access

Configure Your Catio Today

Regardless of your space or number of cats, you’ll find the perfect catio with Custom Cages. We know because you can customize the catio yourself!

Visit our Suncatcher Configurator and build your pet’s dream catio today! Plus, you can save an unfinished design and complete it at any time.

Additional Accessories for Catios

Depending on the size of the catio, you can add many attachments and accessories for your cat’s comfort and enjoyment.

Below are a few popular products that our customers get with their cat enclosures. If you want to learn more about an accessory: Tap on it, and you’ll be brought directly to its product page:

For the most inclusive experience, you could add a litter box, soft bedding, and various toys in the catio. This gives them all they need to feel at home while on a mini vacation!

More Options for Outdoor Cat Cages

Maybe you don’t have enough space to have an outdoor cat enclosure connected to the house. Or, maybe you have a spacious yard and you’d like a free-standing cat cage.

Either way, Custom Cages has the solution for any cat owner and any situation! Learn more about outdoor cat cages, their benefits, and how to properly acclimate your cat into its new space.

Or, if you have additional questions, you may contact our support team at any time and one of our experts will be happy to help!