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In order to keep your new feline safe and sound, you will need to take a few precautionary measures to cat-proof your home. Cats tend to constantly be in mischief. Any time they are out of their cat enclosures, they will be curiously exploring the world around them. A cat’s curiosity has been known to get him in trouble, and in some cases require a trip to the veterinarian. One of the easiest ways to keep your pet feline safe while you are not at home is to use some sort of cat containment system or cat enclosure. This will help keep your pet in a designated area so he cannot get into too much trouble. Make sure you have plenty of items in your cat enclosures to keep your pet entertained. A cat scratch post or cat tree condo is an ideal accessory for your cat kennels. These items will help relieve boredom and keep your pet occupied.

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In addition to having secure cat enclosures, a cat fence or some other sort of containment system, it is critical that you take a quick sweep around your home to make sure it is safe for your furry feline. Here are a few things to look for:

The Living Room: Electrical cords should be placed out of your pet’s reach. Some cats may get curious and try to chew on these cords, resulting in an electrical shock. Others may think it’s a great game to pull on them, which could cause lamps and other household items to come crashing to the floor. Household plants can also pose a threat. Plants such as Hemlock, Azaleas, Daffodils, Ivy and Holly are poisonous to cats if ingested. Although cats are carnivores, they will occasionally nibble on greenery to aid in the digestion process. If you notice that your cat has escaped from his outdoor cat run and is chewing on an indoor plant, double-check to make sure it is safe. One solution is to place a pot of regular grass or oat grass in your cat enclosures. Having this greenery available for your cats can eliminate their urge to chew on your indoor plants.

The Kitchen: When out of their cat enclosures, your feline may be innately drawn to the kitchen. After all, that’s where all the activity and food is. Your kitchen may be full of delicious smells and curious-looking instruments that intrigue your cat. As a result, if your cats are out of their cat kennels and not playing on their cat tree condo make sure they are under supervision—especially in the kitchen. Keep all appliances unplugged if they are not in use. A cat could accidentally turn on a blender or egg beater by stepping on a button. Since cats love to crawl into small spaces, make sure the refrigerator and all cupboards are kept closed.

The Laundry Room: A cat containment system is especially useful when trying to keep pets out of the laundry room. As mentioned earlier, cats enjoy nestling into tight spaces and dark areas where they can snuggle up and be alone. But this can be dangerous when your pet decides to crawl in or behind the dryer. Always check both places before turning your dryer on. Soaps, detergents and bleach should also be stored safely out of reach. If you want to indulge your cat’s incessant need to block out the world and hide, invest in a cat tree condo where he can safely snuggle inside. Place a cat tree condo in your cat enclosures or cat containment system. You can also place a cat tree condo in the living room or bedroom. By providing ample “safe” hiding places for your cat, you will help eliminate his urge to hide in the dryer or other dangerous spots.

The Bathroom: It is a good idea to keep the toilet lid closed and the bathtub drained at all times. Small kittens and older, less agile cats could fall in. Whenever your felines are out of their cat enclosures, make sure the bathroom door is closed. Medicine cabinets containing things like hydrogen peroxide, aspirin, medication, vitamins, and face-cleaning products should also be kept out of reach. Many of these products contain chemicals and other substances that could harm or kill your cat. If your furry feline is so bored that he is constantly in mischief, purchase some intriguing cat toys, a cat tree condo, or a cat scratch post to keep him entertained. Help your cat understand that there are certain items he can play with and enjoy, while others are off limits.

While you can do everything in your power to make sure your home is “cat-friendly,” you can never be sure exactly what your feline companion will get into next. As a result, cat enclosures or a cat outdoor run may be the ideal solution for keeping your pet safe when you are not home.

Finding the Perfect Cat Enclosures

When looking for a cat containment system, you will find a number of different companies selling these types of products. However, none of these other cat fence systems or enclosures can hold a candle to the ones offered by Custom Cages. Designed and manufactured by industry experts, these cat enclosures are the perfect addition to every feline owner’s home. You can…

  • Pick the size you want. Each cat outdoor run and cat containment system is available in various sizes to suit your needs. If you have a small patio and a single cat, a four or five-foot diameter cat kennel may do just fine. If you have multiple cats and want to make sure they have plenty of room to roam around, why not invest in an enormous eight-foot cat enclosure? Regardless of the size, Custom Cages can make a cat containment system that your pets will love.
  • Choose the colors you want: Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to color-coordinate your outdoor cat enclosures with your house or outbuildings. If you purchase your cat enclosures from Custom Cages, this is never an issue. We offer a number of custom colors to meet your needs. Typically, our cages come standard with a black roof and sides. But you can change that to almost any color. Whether you want your cat containment system to be a deep red, a bright yellow, or a forest green, you’ll be sure to get what you want when you order through Custom Cages.
  • Add the accessories you want: To keep your feline happy and entertained, your cat enclosures and outdoor run will need to be carefully stocked with plenty of accessories. No need to go shopping around for these items—because you can purchase them from the same company and at the same time as your cat containment system. Think about adding a scratch post, tree condo, and other types of cat furniture to your outdoor run.

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