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Have you ever thought about getting an indoor cat cage for your feline friends?

A properly designed enclosure provides many benefits to both cat owners and cats themselves.

They’re also customizable so you’ll get the ideal enclosure, whether you only have a little or a lot of space.

Can an indoor pet enclosure enhance the lives of inside cats? Read on for more!

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Why Should I Get an Indoor Cat Cage?

Indoor cat cages should not be permanent homes for a cat. They should, however, be used as temporary locations for play, rest, or for health reasons.

Below are a few practical ways that our customers use their indoor cat cages.

A Location Designed for Play Time

To keep your indoor cat happy and healthy, you need to offer physical activity and entertainment.

A cat enclosure with various toys, levels for climbing, and a spot for resting will provide stimulation and comfort.

Cats will associate the cage with playtime, and it may discourage some active cats from damaging furniture and other items around the house.

Plus, as your cat ages and slows down, you’ll need to offer your pet entertainment and exercise, and your indoor cat cage can spark that interest.

Help Cats Get Acclimated in a New Space

When you bring a new cat into the home, it will typically scan around the room and eventually find a spot to hide.

When you don’t want to encourage this behavior, an indoor cat cage can be a solution.

A confined space decorated with shelves, a cat tree, or other cat accessories, can help your new furry friend get acclimated to the space.

She may also partake in healthy activities like playing with toys, instead of hiding under a bed or couch.

Temporary Home for Sick or Injured Cats

If you have a sick or injured cat, a confined yet comfortable space will be a great option for them.

If you have multiple cats, you may need to keep the one that’s ill away from the others. This also helps with cleaning up any messes, as it will be in a specific area.

Make sure to provide your cat with food, water, and a litter box that’s as far away from the food and water as possible.

For injured cats, an indoor cat cage may encourage them to rest and speed up the healing process. It can also make caring for them much easier because they can’t hide in hard-to-reach places.

A Safe Haven for Pregnant or Nursing Cats

Whether your cat is pregnant or nursing her kittens, an indoor cat cage can provide comfort and security for her and her babies.

It may also deter other pets from getting nosy and stressing out the mother.

Selecting Your Cat Cages

Look for a cat cage that’s as roomy as your space and budget allow because the more room they have, the more they can explore, exercise, and find their favorite resting spots.

We also recommend placing the cage in a spot that receives both sunlight and shade so your cat can bask or cool down when needed.

You may also consider an outdoor cat cage, or “catio”,  if space is an issue or if you want your indoor cat to safely experience the outdoors!

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