Rotating Feeding Station


Our Rotating Feeder Station allows for easy access to three stainless steel, 16 oz. food bowls from the outside. This is especially useful for flighted birds or when housing a colony; especially if you do not have a safety catch. It will mount on to any of our aviary panels, virtually any place you want. This is done by cutting the vertical wires just below a horizontal wire and just above the bottom adjacent horizontal wire, thus creating a hole in the panel. The Rotating Feeder Station then easily mounts on either side of the panel and fastens together with 6 nuts and bolts.


The bowls are securely held in place when they are on the inside position and are easily removed when rotated to the outside. It is also lockable by using a small padlock.


Rotating Feeding Station and 3 Stainless Steel Bowls. NOTE: Does not come with perch.



Outside: 18 1/8″ L x 5 1/8″ H

Bowl to Bowl: 15 3/8″ L

Bowls: 5 1/8″ around