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For many of us, clutter seems to be an inescapable part of our lives. Every time we turn around our house, garage and storage spots seem to be filling up with more and more stuff. As you are getting ready to purchase red tail boa cages, you start thinking about all the additional items you will need for your pets. Caring for snakes is no little task. Like any other living creature, your pets require some different supplies and accessories. This includes:

  • Cleaning Supplies. You will need disinfectants, sponges or rags to clean your snake tanks or boa cage on a regular basis.
  • Food Supplies. Snakes need to eat. This means you will have to store their food somewhere close by the large snake terrariums or red tail boa cages.
  • Back-up Supplies. It is a good idea to store extra dishes and feeders for your pet.
  • Bedding & Substrate. Your red tail boa cages would not be complete without plenty of sand to keep your pets cozy and warm. Of course, now and again you will have to add to or replace the sand in your large snake terrariums or python terrariums. You should have some extra sand on hand for when you need it.

Storing Supplies for Your Red Tail Boa Cages

After reviewing the long list of supplies you will need for your red tail boa cages, you begin to wonder where you will store it all. You already have too much clutter as it is. The last thing you need is more stuff with no place to put it. At Custom Cages, we’ve already thought of this dilemma in advance. And we’ve worked extra hard to provide a solution.

When you purchase one of our red tail boa cages or python terrariums, you can also order a stand. The stand allows you to elevate your boa cage to eye level, so you can tend to your pet without breaking your back. But it also enables you to store all the extra supplies you need in one convenient location—right under your red tail boa cages.

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