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When you purchase boa enclosures or red tail boa cages, there are several qualifications to keep in mind. These include:

  • Strength. It is important that your snake tanks and boa enclosures are well-made and can withstand a tremendous amount of force. This is especially true if you don’t want your ball python enclosure to shatter or crack under any circumstances.
  • Durability. Having to purchase new snake tanks or red tail boa cages every few years can become old real quick. Rust, corrosion and other factors all cause your ball python cage to deteriorate. As a result, be sure to purchase boa enclosures and snake tanks that are durable and long lasting.
  • Security. Nothing is worse than discovering that your snake has escaped from his ball python enclosure. In order to prevent this from occurring you need red tail boa cages that are extremely secure.

Boa Enclosures that are Strong, Durable & Secure

If you are looking for boa enclosures that meet all three of the above specifications, Custom Cages should be on the top of your list. Our red tail boa cages and snake tanks are made with a thick aluminum framework. This material is hardened to protect your ball python enclosure from dents and scratches.

Due to the material we use when building our snake tanks, they will last a lifetime. So you won’t have to worry about replacing your boa enclosures every few years. Our revolutionary corner & joint systems makes our snake tanks and boa enclosures exceptionally strong. They can hold up under a tremendous amount of force. This prevents damage during transportation or an earthquake.

Finally, our boa enclosures have a unique locking system which eliminates any concern for escape. The doors securely interlock with the frame of the ball python cage. The doors are then pinned together with a secure lock. You won’t ever have to have nightmares about your snake escaping from his ball python cage and roaming the house at night!

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