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Ball Pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes in the world. And with their calm demeanor, relative ease of care, and attractive color variations, it’s easy to see why.

Whether you’re new to the snake hobby, or a long-time owner of ball pythons, the enclosure you provide is the most important variable for the comfort of our pet.

We provide Ball Python enclosures that are spacious, dependable, decorative, and fully customizable. In fact, you can start customizing your Ball Python enclosure today!

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Or, read on to learn about our enclosures, plus some advice to give your Ball Python a comfortable home.

Ball Python Enclosure Set up

We offer a multitude of customizable sizes and designs of snake enclosures. Plus, we design each enclosure with optimal ventilation and adaptability, so you can add various attachments for lighting, heating, and decor.


A lighting attachment will be essential in a Ball Python enclosure. This light must also provide enough UVA/UVB light.

While Ball Pythons don’t need UVB light, UVA/UVB light has been shown to improve the immune systems and overall health of Ball Pythons. It’s also important that you turn off the light at night so it can differentiate day from night. This is important for the mental and physical health of your Ball Python.

Our Full-spectrum light strips provide the optimal type of lighting that snakes need. Plus, you can set the timer and the lights will automatically turn on and shut off when you decide.


It is a good idea to provide snakes with a thermal gradient, it provides them access to a range of temperatures at any given time.

Ball pythons prefer a relatively high-temperature environment. A general guide to temperature is that it should adjust as the day progresses (warm during the day and cooler at night). We recommend the following temperatures:

  • Daytime Temperature: 80-85°F
  • Basking Temperature: 88-93°F
  • Nighttime Temperature: 75-80°F

To find the correct temperature for your Python, you may need to adjust the cage heating settings.


For snakes to remain healthy, they must have suitable humidity levels. They need a perfect amount of humidity, if too dry they have a difficult time shedding properly, or if there is too much humidity, they may develop a deadly skin disease. Overall, too much or too little humidity can be very harmful to your ball python.

To keep an adequate level of humidity between 50%-60%, you can simply mist your snake’s habitat with room-temperature water daily or by adding more water to the water dish.


There are a variety of different bedding options you can choose for your ball python enclosures. No bedding option is ideal for every situation, to find the best fit for you and your python, compare the options available.

Some of the most common bedding used for ball python cages include:

  • Terrarium Sand allows your snake to burrow into it and maintains heat well, making it easier to maintain the proper enclosure humidity.
  • Reptile Bark maintains humidity with natural bark made from fir trees. The bark also absorbs moisture and releases it, creating the humidity snakes need.


When it comes to the nutrition of your ball python, it’s important to know the proper amount and type of food they prefer. In general, food items fed to the snake should be no wider than the girth of your snake. Also, ball pythons exclusively eat mice and rats throughout their lives.

The amount of food fed to the snake depends on age.

  • Newborn: 1 hopper mouse per week.
  • Young: 1 adult mouse or rat pup per week.
  • Adults: 1 appropriately sized rat or 2 adult mice per week

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About Custom Cages

Custom Cages is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in making hand-built custom cages made by our expert craftsman. Custom Cages has a relentless commitment to quality and a desire to pursue constant innovation. Our trained expert staff put a lot of personal dedication and pride into our ball python enclosures and accessories. This has allowed us to offer the ultimate habitat for pets to customers worldwide.

Finding Additional Info for Ball Python Enclosures

An outstanding resource is the staff at Custom Cages. We have a team of experts in the caging industry, and we strive to make ourselves available to our customers. If you have a question about selecting, designing, or ordering your Python cages, simply give us a call or email. Our support team will be happy to assist!

You can also check out Vision Products to see more sizes, designs, and attachments for ball python enclosures!

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