Amphibious Cages, Custom Build Your Own!

Amphibious cages are a type of terrarium that includes land and water elements. The most common types of amphibians and reptiles you will find in an amphibious cage are iguanas, lizards, turtles, and some types of snakes. Amphibious cages require some maintenance because of the habitat the cage obtains. These cages are equipped with automated systems to maintain the levels of moisture, temperature, and light. Our modern amphibious cages go well with live plants that survive in humid and wet environments. This type of habitat is great for animals that are land dwellers, but also enjoy swimming in water to thrive. It is important to remember to customize the amphibious cage to the type of reptile or amphibian you are putting in the cage.

Here at Custom cages, the glass amphibious cages can be fully customized to meet your requirements. You can even have custom wood materials and finishes for stands and canopies when you order an amphibious cage. We also offer sliding doors on the top part of the cage to easily access your reptile or amphibian. Another option for your glass cage is cricket proof perforated aluminum on the front of the tank. Full filtration systems come with your amphibious cage to ensure it stays clean and fresh.

Configure Your Own Amphibious Cage

When you design your own amphibious cage, you configure the height, size, and depth of the cage. When customizing your amphibious cage, you can even choose to have a rectangle, hexagon, or pentagon cage for your amphibian. While you are configuring your amphibious cage, remember to have a backflow/filtration system installed on your cage to ensure the water stays clean. Our engineers also recommend having a Seamless Sump and Siphon Stopper attached to the amphibious cage. All of these components ensure the cage has the appropriate environment for your amphibian to thrive. If you would like more information and want to start to configure your own cage, contact us today.

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