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Suncatcher Dog Enclosures® are excellent options to use for outdoor dog kennels! The size and overall design of each cage are customizable so you’ll find the perfect dog enclosure, regardless of the size or number of dogs you have. Our dog enclosures look much nicer than chain link cages and are not nearly as expensive as more decorative kennels.

Do you need a large outdoor dog enclosure for your adult pets? Or do you need a smaller enclosure for puppies? We have what you need. We have a multitude of wire diameters for the walls, as well as shapes, sizes, and two color options for the overall structure. All our pet enclosures come with stainless steel door handles for durability and use an easy-access padlock for additional security.

Additional options include:

  • Pitched roofs (steel or stainless) to keep your pet out of the rain and snow
  • Wire roofs to keep pets in and other varmints out
  • Wire floors to keep even the most tenacious dog or other pet from digging holes under the kennel!
  • Safety catches make sure your dog does not escape while feeding.

Configure Your Own Suncatcher Dog Cage/Kennel

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Suncatcher® Multi-Unit Outdoor Dog Kennels

The sizing possibilities of our dog enclosures are almost endless, so they’re not only used for personal pets. Suncatcher Dog Enclosures® are currently used in zoos, humane centers, breeding facilities, rescues, and private facilities across the nation.

If you configure it, we’ll build it. Dog and puppy enclosures can be infinitely long and over 20’ deep, with many ways to design the placement of dividers and doors. Plus, their easy assembly saves you time and headaches, their durability protects your investment, and their structural soundness keeps your dogs safely inside, and others out. When it comes to large outdoor dog kennels, it’s hard finding a better option on the market!

Get started today by configuring your own outdoor dog enclosure! And if you have questions about large dog enclosures or enclosures for puppies, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Configure Your Own Suncatcher Dog Cage/Kennel