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When considering large cages for your birds, some people wonder if glass bird cages are safe. After all, who hasn’t witnessed this scenario: you’re sitting in your living room on a cool summer night watching the evening news when suddenly you hear a bang on your window. You turn around just in time to see a bird plastered against the glass. Sometimes he flies away, apparently uninjured, other times he falls to the ground stunned or even passed out. For the new bird owner considering glass bird cages, this is a natural concern. You wonder if your parrot will injure or kill himself by slamming into the side of his little home.

Thankfully, there is a fairly reliable answer to this question. Most parrots will not crash into the sides of their glass bird cages more than once or twice. Within a short time, your bird will know his boundaries. He’ll get used to the fact that he only has so much room. He’ll readily learn just how much space he has in his glass cage.

Finding Glass Bird Cages for Your Pet

One of the best places to purchase glass bird cages is here at Custom Cages. We are a custom manufacturer of high-quality, top-of-the line bird enclosures for every type of parrot imaginable and provide durable glass panels for your enclosures. While most of our cages come standard with acrylic panels, you can request glass. Custom Cages’s skilled, knowledgeable staff will help you place your order and determine the best material for your glass bird cages. You can even go online to custom configure glass bird cages right from your computer. If you run into any complications, simply pick up the phone and call up our friendly staff.

If glass is your material of choice, you will probably want to choose the Hybrid brand, as glass paneling is an option. In fact, the reason these big cages are called “Hybrids” is because they are made out of a variety of different material so you get the best of everything. However, we have glass bird cages available in all three of our brands: Majestic, Suncatcher, and Hybrid, so you can more easily see your pet birds at play and thriving in their new home.

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