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Outdoor Aviary
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You’ve already determined that you will purchase an outdoor aviary for your parrots. You’ve picked out the spot in the backyard, laid the concrete slab, and are ready to order. Then a thought crosses your mind. What about the weather? What if it rains? Will your parrots get soaking wet in their aviary? What about those blistering hot days? Will a parrot cage offer the protection they need from the sun?

These are all legitimate concerns. But they can be put to rest by a simple explanation of the Suncatcher outdoor aviary.

This unique, patented bird cage has everything your pet needs to stay safe, healthy, and happy when outdoors. The Suncatcher cage was designed by the masters. These are people who have spent years working in and improving the bird cage industry. The professionals at Custom Cages know exactly what it takes to make outdoor aviaries that are safe and suitable for every type of parrot.

A Fully Equipped Outdoor Aviary

Each Suncatcher outdoor aviary comes with a weatherproof roof. This provides protection from both the rain and the scorching sun. Your bird will be perfectly safe and happy, nestled in his large parrot cage. Not only do these roofs provide protection from the elements, they can also be painted your color of choice in order to make them an attractive addition to your flight cage. You can order large cages that match the color of your own house or shop. We currently have 17 different colors available. You’re sure to find something you like. These rich colors will make your outdoor aviary the most attractive structure in your entire yard.

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