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Outdoor Bird Cages
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As a bird owner, you realize how important it is to spend time with your parrots. You need to train them. Talk to them. Play with them and just simply be around them. If you have indoor aviaries, you can let your parrots out of their aviary cages and allow them to roam the house with you. However, if you prefer to house your parrots in outdoor bird cages, this is not an option. You certainly do not want to let your parrots out of their bird enclosures, as they could fly away never to return.

The best solution to this dilemma is to find outdoor bird cages that are walk-in friendly, such as the Suncatcher cages offered here at Custom Cages.

Spend Quality Time with Your Parrots in their Outdoor Bird Cages

The majority of our Suncatcher bird cages allow you to actually step inside your parrot’s cage. This enables you to spend some much-need bonding time with your feathered friend. In fact, these aviary cages are so large you can even bring in a lawn chair. You can recline in the sun while you talk with your bird, stroke his feathers or just read a book as he rests on your arm.

With these spacious bird cages, you can train your parrot, spend time feeding them treats and just be there with them for as long as you want.

Another advantage to these large outdoor bird cages is the fact that they are easy to clean. Since you can walk inside and stand totally erect, you can wipe down the sides, pick up any messes and re-arrange your bird’s accessories without feeling cramped.

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