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Large Aviaries
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Large aviaries are great for breeders who want to raise a flock of parrots and other types of pet birds. They are roomy and offer plenty of space for your birds to nurture their young.

When picking out your large aviaries, be sure there is plenty of room for nesting boxes and perches.

The Best Large Aviaries You Can Buy

The Suncatcher indoor and outdoor cages, manufactured by Custom Cages, are among the best flight cages on the market.

  • They are durable. Each bird aviary panel is attached using sturdy welded hinges.
  • They are secure. Made out of thick 8 or 12-gauge wire, these heavy-duty large aviaries aren’t going anywhere. And you’re bird won’t be able to chew through them either.
  • They are customizable. Choose the color, size, and design you want for your aviary.

They are expendable. Is your avian family outgrowing their cage? With our unique systems, you can simply “add on” to your aviary by purchasing additional panels.

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