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If you’ve read any guidelines on choosing a large aviary or outdoor bird cage, you know what everyone says: the bigger the better.

Large Aviary
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The Suncatcher bird aviaries offered by Custom Cages are the perfect type of large aviary. We have dozens of sizes available. Our largest, most spacious outdoor bird cage is the double or triple-wide bird cages.

A Large Aviary for the Serious Bird Hobbyist

The triple-wide, large outdoor parrot cage consists of one eight foot diameter section, with two six foot sections on either side. Safety catches attach to all 3 of these aviaries, providing multiple entrance points without letting your birds escape.

Because this large aviary has multiple connection points, it can be set up in a variety of shapes. You can align each large aviary vertically. Or you can assemble your aviary in a crescent moon shape. This is a wonderful way to enhance your landscape or provide refreshing entertainment for your guests. Imagine watching your birds sing and play in this large aviary just outside your kitchen door.

You can also assemble this large aviary beside your pool, or next to your lawn furniture. If you’re looking for a way to kick your bird hobby into hyper drive, there’s no faster way to accomplish this goal than to purchase a gigantic outdoor aviary.

However, if you would rather start a bit smaller, take a look at our double-wide large aviary. This large parrot cage consists of two six foot aviaries. Each section can comfortably house 3 large birds or 4-5 medium sized birds. You can even house an entire colony of finches in this spacious outdoor bird cage. Safety catches are also included with this model. They bolt directly to the door and allow you to enter and exit without letting your birds loose.

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