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If you need a large outdoor space for your flock of parrots, we have you covered! Our outdoor aviaries available at Custom Cages will provide your feathered friends the space to stretch, climb and fly around comfortably.

Outdoor Aviaries
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Safety Catches for Outdoor Aviaries

When you purchase one of our Suncatcher outdoor aviaries, you can also buy a much-needed safety catch. The safety catch enables you to keep your birds at bay whenever you need to walk into the cage to feed and talk to them. You can purchase either a single-wide or double-wide safety catch, depending on the size of your outdoor aviaries.

Safety is a major concern when your birds are kept in outdoor aviaries instead of indoor aviaries. The possibility of escape is simply too great. If your bird did accidentally escape, it would be difficult, if not impossible to catch him once he discovers his newfound freedom. That’s why we’ve made special safety catches to accompany our outdoor aviaries.

At Custom Cages, we do everything in our power to make sure your birds are safe, secure, and comfortable. As a result, our mission is to provide you with the outdoor aviaries you need to adequately care for your parrot. Nothing is overlooked or forgotten. You can count on Custom Cages to meet all your parrot’s needs.

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