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Flight Cages
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A flight cage allows your pet birds to utilize their natural abilities and instincts. These flight cages offer the space and width your bird needs to stretch his wings. Experts agree that flying promotes a bird’s physical and psychological health. It keeps them trim and fit through constant exercise and boosts their spirits. Flight cages enable birds to do what they were created to do—fly.

Flight Cages for Every Type of Bird

The Hybrid bird cages offer a variety of spacious, roomy flight cages for your parrots. Here’s just a sampling of what we offer:

  1. The HB2 custom bird cage is one of our largest models, spanning 72 inches in height and 144 inches in width. Your parrots will love the room in this flight cage. This large bird cage is great for a colony of small avian companions, or for a couple of the larger species.
  2. The HB5 flight cage is for African Grays, macaws, or cockatoos. Its dimensions are 60″H x 60″L x 36”W. Large parrots can extend their full wingspan in this aluminum bird cage. Smaller species can literally fly about from perch to perch and get some much-needed exercise.
  3. The HB15 flight cage is ideal for smaller parrots such as parrotlets or finches. The entire aluminum bird cage is 30″H x 30″L x 18″D, making it ideal for cramped apartments or small houses. If you purchase the ultimate package, you will also receive an attractive hood and stand for your custom flight cages.

We are one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of flight cages and large aviaries. In addition to our Hybrid cages, we also offer outdoor-friendly Suncatcher cages and quality wood Majestic enclosures for your pet birds.

When you order flight cages from Custom Cages you can take advantage of our:

  1. Experience. We have over 10 years’ worth of experience in the bird cage industry. During that time we diligently applied ourselves to studying flight cages, large aviaries, and outdoor cages. In other words, we didn’t just come up with a blueprint and start manufacturing outdoor cages, based on what everyone else was already doing. Instead, we became a student of our craft. Needless to say, we have amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge on how to properly construct flight cages and other outside cages. When you purchase your flight cages through us you will directly benefit from these thousands of hours of research and testing.
  2. Craftsmanship. Our business is family-owned and employs only the finest craftsmen in the industry. Our cages are handmade using precision equipment that is extremely accurate. All our flight cages are made with extreme care and attention to detail. Nothing is overlooked in our quest for excellence. Once the initial framework of our outside cages is complete, we add a variety of finishing touches to create a stroke of elegance. This includes special powder coating and UV protection for maximum durability and aesthetic beauty.
  3. Customer service. At Custom Cages, we pride ourselves on offering superior customer service and support. We will walk you through the ordering process and are available during business hours to answer your questions or assist you in any way possible. If you have any problems with your flight cages or large aviaries, we will do our best to help you resolve the issue immediately.

NOTE: Are you looking for a flight cage for your small business or healthcare facility? We offer custom flight cages along with routine cleaning services through our sister company, Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services.

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