Aluminum Bird Cages, Custom Build Your Own!

When building a house, what is the most important part, aside from the foundation? Obviously, every aspect of the house is essential. But the framework is absolutely critical. If you don’t have a solid framework, you won’t have a well-built house.

Aluminum Bird Cage
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Building large aluminum bird cages is quite similar. If you want sound bird enclosures, you must have a strong framework. At Custom Cages, each custom bird cage has a strong aluminum frame, offering maximum strength and durability.

Here’s a few facts about our aluminum bird cage systems:

  1. They are made out of thick aluminum framing. So you can bet every aluminum bird cage we produce is structurally sound.
  2. They are scratch resistant. After purchasing a custom bird cage, you want it to stay in good shape. Nothing is worse than having your bird enclosures fall apart or become dented shortly after arrival. This won’t happen when you purchase a Hybrid aluminum bird cage from Custom Cages. Our ionized aluminum frames are tough as nails.
  3. They are light-weight. When you think about aluminum bird cages, you may envision a heavy type of enclosure you can barely move. But nothing could be further from the truth. While our bird enclosures are extremely strong, they are also lightweight, making transportation easy and stress-free.
  4. They are available in varying degrees. Not every aluminum bird cage has the same level of durability. Instead, we have various bird enclosures designed for different types of parrots. The H2 custom bird cage is designed for medium to small birds. Because these parrots are not super-strong, they don’t require a heavy-duty aluminum bird cage. However, the H3 large bird cage is made for the more aggressive breeds. These aluminum bird cages are tougher than any other large bird cage on the market.

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