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Are those cold winter months fast approaching? Maybe it’s time to put your indoor aviaries under some type of shelter. In many states, the winters are harsh and brutally cold. Snow, sleet, rain, ice, and freezing temperatures are the norm. Most birds don’t do well in these extreme conditions.

Indoor Aviaries
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As a result, when you feel those cold winds coming, you’d better bring your aviary cages indoors to keep your birds warm. These large parrot cages can often be placed in the garage, basement, or spare room. If you have enough space, you may be able to find a spot for your indoor aviaries in the living or dining room.

Adaptable Indoor Aviaries

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing Suncatcher indoor aviaries is that they can easily be adapted for either outside or inside. You don’t have to purchase two or more bird enclosures to house your pets throughout the year. Instead, you can use the same large parrot cages for either function.

Our indoor aviaries can be placed outside during the warm months. All you have to do is remove the floor kit and it’s ready for the outdoors. If you feel like it’s time to bring your parrot inside before the first snow hits, simply add the floor to the cage bottom. It’s that simple.

Like all our bird enclosures, the Suncatcher indoor aviaries are masterfully designed for maximum usability. At Custom Cages, we have spent over 10 years researching, experimenting, and perfecting our aviary cages. We want to be sure every bird has the quality home he deserves. Custom Cages is the company you can count on to produce bird enclosures based on high standards.

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Professional Services for Indoor Aviaries

Are you looking for an indoor aviary for your business? Through our sister company, Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services, we offer indoor aviaries for commercial and healthcare facilities, along with a comprehensive aviary cleaning service. This way, you and your staff can enjoy the aviary and our wonderful finches, without the extra work.

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