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Where should I put my bird aviary? Inside? Outside? On the porch? In the garage? Here are a few options if you are unsure of where to place your bird aviary:

  1. In your garden. Do you have a beautifully landscaped garden with robust bushes, sweet-smelling flowers and small walkways? If so, imagine how your aviary cage would enhance the landscape. Our beautiful Suncatcher bird aviary cages are a stunning addition to any garden. So if you have a large, or even a small garden, think about placing your bird aviary cage right in the middle of your backyard.
  2. By the pool. If you have a large outdoor swimming pool, why not set up your outside cages right next to it? Our Suncatcher aviaries look splendid next to the deep blue water. Think how much fun it would be to talk to your birds as you do laps in the pool or simply float on your back. Your birds will get a kick out of watching you play around. Additionally, if you do a lot of entertaining in this area, your guests will be thrilled to be so close to your bird aviary and it will most likely be a great conversation starter.
  3. On the porch. If you have a relatively small cage, you may consider placing your bird aviary on the front or back porch. In this way you will have easy access to your birds and will be able to keep an eye on them throughout the day. If your birds love to sing, you’ll be able to hear their sweet melodies by simply opening your sliding door.

A Bird Aviary That Will Suit Every Home

If you are looking for an indoor bird aviary, Custom Cages also provides high-quality bird enclosures under the brands Hybrid and Majestic. Regardless of where you plan to place your bird aviary, Custom Cages can help you find the outdoor or indoor cage of your choice with numerous styles, colors and designs to choose from.

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