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Back Yard Cages
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If you are looking for a backyard cage for your flock of pet birds, Custom Cages has you covered! Shop our Suncatcher cages to pick out the perfect habitat for your feathered friends.

Our backyard cages provide walk-in access, which allows for easy cleaning and unlimited access to your birds. Huge open designs allow you to be in the cage for an extended period of time, with room even for furniture so you can spend quality time interacting with your birds. Add floor kits to any Suncatcher backyard cage and use the same cage inside during the colder months, or purchase without the grate, trays, and casters to create a walk-in virtually maintenance-free outdoor cage environment!

If at any point you notice your pet birds fighting in your backyard cages, you can purchase dividers to keep them apart.

How to Section Your Back Yard Cage

Not every cage allows you to utilize dividers. At times, if you purchase a cage, what you see is what you get. But that’s not the case with our Suncatcher bird cages. Each cage is custom-made according to your specifications. Plus, our designs are so adaptable you can do almost anything with them. If you want to keep your birds apart, all you need to do is purchase a divider to create two sections in your backyard cages. This will enable your parrots to have their own space and live in peace.

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