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Finding the right bearded dragon cages for your pets is making sure it is suitable, safe, and comfortable. In many ways, you want your bearded dragon terrariums or bearded dragon enclosures to be a good fit for your pet. Having a good bearded dragon cage set up is important to the happiness and health of your pet. Custom Cage experts can help you with choosing the right cage for your space and pet.

Bearded Dragon Terrariums

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Safely Bringing your Pet to His Bearded Dragon Terrarium

As soon as your bearded dragon enclosure is assembled and furnished, you are ready to bring your pet home. Excitement fills the air as you stand back to admire your beautiful bearded dragon terrarium and boa cages. They are absolutely perfect. You have no doubt your pets will feel right at home.

When it comes to transporting your new pets from the store to your home, you need to do some careful consideration. Most reptiles travel best if they cannot see where they are going. You don’t want to place a clear boa cage or chameleon cage in your car and expect your pet to peacefully enjoy the drive home. A clear or wire bearded dragon cage or boa cage allows your pet to see his surroundings. This can cause him to become terrified. Instead of using small transport cages, try a cloth bag or Styrofoam box. This is the safest way to transport your pet to his cozy bearded dragon terrarium.

As you drive your pet home, avoid keeping him in the car for long periods of time. It is best to get him home and settled into his bearded dragon terrarium as quickly as possible. Avoid running errands or stopping by the store. You want your pet to be in the car for as little time as possible. If it is too hot or too cold, he could become ill or die. So rush him home and place him in his cozy boa cage or chameleon cage.

Also, try to have the temperature in your bearded dragon terrarium already heated. Nothing is worse than watching your pet freeze as his boa cage or bearded dragon cage slowly warms up. Try to have these things done in advance. It will make for a much smoother and less stressful homecoming.

Bearded Dragon Terrarium Set up

The first step is to provide your bearded dragon with suitable tank set up. There are several different types of enclosures to choose from, and each presents different benefits.

The most important step to choosing the right type of bearded dragon enclosure is ensuring that it provides your pet with adequate room. Most adult bearded dragons will need a terrarium that is at least 75 gallons but is ideally 120 gallons.


There are two types of lighting that should be apart of your bearded dragon terrarium set up, bask lighting and terrarium lighting.

The terrarium lighting is the light that illuminates the enclosure and mimics natural sunlight by being a full spectrum light, UVA and UVB. The idea is to have the bulb span all or most of the distance of the tank to ensure that it is illuminating the entire tank. The overarching purpose of this light is to proide your bearded dragon with UVA and UVB rays to promote good health. Ensuring that your pet has daily access to these rays will help prevent any bone diseases in your bearded dragon. Keep in mind that your light bulb will start to loose the strength in rays so make sure to change the bulbs our every 6 months.

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The second light that is also very important is the basking light, this light provides heat to your pet. White light is the best choice when it comes to choosing the bulb for the basking light. Custom Cages sels some of the best heating lights for your bearded dragon to ensure the results.


Since bearded dragons are originally from desert conditions, to keep them healthy it is important to have your tank heated. For the best results, your cage should have two sides, one that is a designated to be hot at least 95 degrees fahrenheit and a side that is cool at around 85 degrees fahrenheit. At night you may let your tank fall in temperature to around 70 degrees fahrenheit.

Bearded Dragon Habitat

To ensure your ball python enjoys a high quality of life, you must provide him with the proper care. This means ensuring that your python is happily fed and has a comfortable environment.

Substrate or Flooring

There are a variety of different substrate options you can choose for your bearded dragon cage. Some of the most common non-particle substrates used for bearded dragon terratiums:

  • Terrarium Sand allow your snake to burrow into it and maintains heat well, which can make it easier to maintain the proper enclosure humidity.
  • Reptile Bark maintain humidity with natural bark made from fir trees. The bark also absorbs moisture and releases it creating humidity snakes need.


To ensure that your bearded dragon is at its happiest, it is best to include furniture or items into the terrarium. Items such as large rocks that allow your bearded dragon to get closer to the basking light is best if to ensure they are getting the maximum effect from the heating light.  Another important furniture piece is to include a hide of some sort, bearded dragons typically like to sleep in locations that are dark.

Bearded Dragon Diet

When it comes to the diet of your bearded dragon, it is important to know the amount of food to feed then as well as the kind of food that can be fed. In general, bearded dragons are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plant- and animal-based foods, including insects.As a baseline to follow, a bearded dragon’s diet should be about half plant-based material and half animal-based material. 


Due to bearded dragons being desert dwellers, not having a constant source of water is normal. Because of this, bearded dragons get the majority of their water content from the foods they consume. The best foods to keep your pet hydrated is dark leafy greens and fruit. You should also moderately spray your bearded dragon down with a spray bottle of water to ensure they are getting what they need. If you feel the need to include a water bowl, ensure it is shallow and is only in the cage for a few hours at most, any longer and you risk changin the humidity levels in the cage.

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