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Finding the right chameleon cages for your pets is making sure it is suitable, safe, and comfortable. In many ways, you want your chameleon cages or chameleon enclosures to be a good fit for your pet. Having a good chameleon cage set up is important to the happiness and health of your pet. Custom Cage experts can help you with choosing the right cage for your space and pet.

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Determining the Ideal Chameleon Cages

Chameleon Cages

Choosing a chameleon tank or Chine Water Dragon cage is no minor task. It requires plenty of research, thought, and planning. You can’t be too careful. After all, this chameleon tank or Chinese Water Dragon cage will serve as your pet’s home for many years to come, maybe even for the rest of his life.

You want chameleon cages that are:

Safe: You may think all chameleon cages are made with your pet’s well-being in mind. But this is not necessarily true. Some chameleon enclosures are made strictly with cost in mind. As a result, certain chameleon enclosures may lack the quality required to be safe and secure. Try finding a manufacturer who pays careful attention to every chameleon tank or Chinese water dragon cage they create. At Custom Cages all of our chameleon cages are handcrafted in our state-of-the-art woodworking facility. We pay careful attention to every detail.

Suitable: Your chameleon tank not only needs to be comfortable for your pet, but it also needs to be suitable for you. This means you want chameleon cages that look attractive in your home, instead of being an eyesore. At Custom Cages we make every type of chameleon tank or Chinese water dragon tank imaginable. You’re sure to find something that suits your preferences. Our ultimate goal is to build chameleon cages you are proud to display in your home, while still offering your pet a safe, secure environment.

Comfortable: Your cages should be spacious, roomy, and the right temperature. We offer a number of different sizes to suit every pet. You can even expand your chameleon enclosures so they grow with your pet.

Chameleon Cages Setup

The basics of setting up a proper cage for your chameleon is to ensure you have the proper sizing. The minimum dimensions for adult Chameleons are 24” width, 24” depth, and 48” for height. If you have a smaller female chameleon than you can purchase an 18” width and depth and a 36” height enclosure.

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The issue when it comes to chameleon cages is how well it receives airflow. If there is not enough then it can cause stagnation which is not good for your pet. These conditions can cause respiratory problems for you’re Chameleon. To help combat this issue, it is important to provide cage venting that can help to move around and push our stale air to create better airflow.


Humidity is another issue when it comes to setting up your chameleon cage properly. The conditions of your home will set up the climate in your chameleon’s cage. To keep a steady level climate, you must be aware of where you are located. In more humid climates it is imperative that you ensure proper airflow and a way to remove the humidity out of the cage. Glass cages have less exposure to the outside air and will be an easier option when it comes to controlling the level of humidity in the cage.


The positives of a glass cage is also a negative when it comes to controlling the heat. Since glass cages retain the elements that enter it, it will also retain the heat. Depending on your location and climate, this can be good or bad. If you keep your home at a moderate temperature, then adding cage lighting to the enclosure will suffice to meet the desired temperature range but ensure since it is a glass cage that you are not overheating it. Having a screen top can help to eliminate this issue.


Making sure that your chameleon gets an adequate amount of water is important and can be challenging. In the wild during rain showers and early mornings, chameleons get their water supply by drinking the water droplets off the leaves from the trees. Since drinking from a water bowl is not part of their nature, they won’t drink from them. To keep them hydrated you mush spray a mist over their entire enclosure to mimic rainfall. You can achieve this by using a spray bottle, a dripper system, or an automatic misting system.

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