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Setting up your water monitor cage is probably one of the most thrilling parts of preparing for your pet reptiles. Due to the size and strength of the monitor lizards, proper preparation is essential. It is also critical that you understand the temperament of this species. Here is a brief overview to help you better understand these fascinating creatures:

Water Monitor Cages
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1. They are large. The size of your water monitor lizard will vary greatly depending on what type of species you are purchasing. Some may only grow a few feet long, while others can reach nine feet in length. Keep this in mind when selecting a savannah monitor enclosure or water monitor cage. Regardless, of the species, if you are purchasing a water monitor, you’ll need a huge Savannah monitor cage or bearded dragon enclosure.

2. They’re strong. These reptiles can be aggressive if they so choose. They hiss, lash out with their tails, and clamp down hard with their teeth. You don’t want to make your pet angry. You must choose an exceptionally sturdy water monitor cage or bearded dragon terrarium.

3. They have short tempers. When your reptile gets mad, you’ll know it. They will hiss violently, inflate their throats, and turn sideways. Be sure the panels on your savannah monitor enclosure or water monitor cage can withstand an extraordinary amount of force. You don’t want your reptile breaking through his Savannah monitor cage or bearded dragon cage.

Finding Room for your Water Monitor Cage

A water monitor cage is quite large. You need to carefully consider where you plan on keeping it. If the rooms in your house are small and narrow, you may want to place them in the garage or an outbuilding. It is also important for you to be able to assemble and disassemble your water monitor cage with ease. At Custom Cages, every savannah monitor enclosure we produce is a snap to assemble and take apart. Even our largest cages can break down into small enough pieces to fit into a large box.

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