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A perfect addition to your cat enclosure is an outdoor cat condo! A cat condo provides cats with sources of entertainment and spots for relaxation, which is the best-case scenario in an outdoor cat cage.

Read on to learn what cat condos are and why you want one for your pet(s). We’ll also have some cleaning advice for the condo and your cat!

What are Outdoor Cat Condos?

Outdoor cat condos are just cat trees designed specifically for outside use. Like an indoor cat tree, they consist of multiple levels, platforms, and hiding spaces for play, sleep, and relaxation.

Our outdoor-friendly cat trees are made out of solid cedar, and are available in variations of levels and platforms, so you can find the perfect addition to your outdoor cat cage.

Why Choose an Outdoor Cat Condo?

These cat condos are a benefit to both pets and their loving owners:

  • Helps prevent boredom
  • Can prevent destructive behavior
  • Offers the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and sunshine
  • Gives cats a sense of security and a comfortable place to call their own

Find Your Cat’s New Condo!

Additional Accessories for Outdoor Cat Trees

Your cat will be thrilled with his new cat condo, but you can make it even more enticing for them.

You should include one or multiple soft surfaces to rest on along with their favorite toys for a more stimulating time.

Keeping Your Cat and Outdoor Condos Clean

Since these cat condos are made out of solid cedar, they’re easy to clean regularly. A long-haired cat, on the other hand, might be a little more difficult to clean. 

After playing in their outdoor cat condos, your cats will inevitably get dirty. But getting dirty is somewhat natural for cats, so as long as you keep the cat condo clean, you shouldn’t have to worry much.

Still, it’s a good idea to give your cats a bath every month or two. This will keep their coats clean and free of fleas and dirt. After bathing your cats, you should clean the condo too. And if you’ve just given your cat a flea dip, you may want to spray the cat condo as well.

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