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After playing in their outdoor cat condos, your cats will inevitably get dirty. No matter how clean you keep your outdoor cat enclosures or outdoor cat condos, your pets will pick up dirt, leaves, and fleas. Getting dirty is completely natural and healthy for cats. So long as you keep your outdoor cat condos clean and sanitary, there is nothing to worry about. However, it is a good idea to give your cat a bath every month or two. This will help keep his coat clean and free of fleas and dirt. After giving your cat a bath, clean your cat’s entire outdoor cat condos. If you’ve just given your cat a flea dip, you may want to spray your outdoor cat condos as well.

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Keeping Your Cat and Outdoor Cat Condos Clean

When it comes to giving your cat a bath, your feline may put up a fight. While cats are fascinated by looking at water, they do not like to get wet. Before removing your cat from his or her outdoor cat condos, carefully prepare the bath using warm water. If your cat is small, you can bathe him in the kitchen sink. A larger cat may need to be bathed in the bathtub. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold. Once the water is ready, take your cat out of his outdoor cat condo and place him in the tub. Talk gently to your cat, telling him everything is fine. Use a gentle cat shampoo or baby shampoo to clean the coat. Be sure to rinse your pet thoroughly. After the bath is over and your cat returns to his outdoor cat condos, he will start to groom himself. If any soap is left on his coat he will end up ingesting it, which could cause diarrhea or stomach irritation.

After rinsing your pet, wrap him in a towel and rub down his fur. You may want to let your pet run back into his outdoor cat condo for a few minutes where he will feel safe. Once he’s had a short break, you will need to blow-dry his coat. Although you can allow your pet to air-dry, this is not recommended unless the weather is extremely warm. If you allow your pet to stay in his outdoor cat condos with wet fur, he could catch a chill. So it is always best to make sure he is completely dry before allowing him to go outside.

You can use a small hair-blow dryer or a pet dryer, if you have one. Most cats will be terrified by the loud sound of the dryer. So try to make this experience as pleasant as possible. Hold your pet in a towel as you gently dry his fur. Some cats may prefer to sit on their outdoor cat condos while being blow-dried.

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