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Indoor Cat Trees – Entertainment and Relaxation

Keep your cats stimulated, relaxed, and happily occupied with a new cat tree!

Our indoor cat tree furniture comes in various sizes, orientations, and textures so you can find one that fits your space and your cat’s needs. Browse our cat trees below!

Outdoor Cat Condos – For the Adventurous Felines

Do you have an outdoor cat cage for your feline friend? Have you considered bringing more stimulation and comfort to its outdoor oasis? An outdoor cat condo is a perfect addition!

Our collection of outdoor cat trees are thoughtfully designed for your cat’s comfort and built to withstand the elements of the outdoors. Browse our outdoor cat trees below!

Cat Shelves and Cat Walks – Reach New Heights!

It’s no secret that cats love finding places high up and scanning the area below. Cat shelves and cat walks make this possible!

By implementing these platforms, you can take a simple cat enclosure and provide spots for exercise, rest, and stimulation. Browse our cat shelves and cat walks here!

Training Your Pets to Use Their Cat Tree Furniture

Cat furniture is so important because if they don’t have their own cat furniture to play with, they will likely claw and chew on your household items. However, even if you get a cat tree or a scratching post, they may still want to play with your furniture. You need to encourage your cat to interact with its own space while leaving your expensive couches and chairs alone.

  1. Your cat may have the habit of jumping onto the kitchen counter. Each time this happens, you should pick up your cat and place it on top of its cat tree or cat shelf. The hope is that your cat will learn what he isn’t supposed to be jumping on (the counter), and understand that this is acceptable on his cat furniture.
  2. cats may play with pens, hair clips, curtains, or virtually any object that they can physically move. Any time they’re running around with something you don’t want them to have, carefully take it from them and introduce a new toy, or one of their favorites.
  3. A good way to encourage a cat to play with its toys or cat furniture is by hiding it for a while, then reintroducing it. The sight of a new object, or a newly-found old object, almost always sparks their excitement. So a good way to keep your cats from losing interest is to cycle their toys and cat furniture. Lay out a group of toys or scratching posts for a couple of weeks, then swap them for another group. This will keep a cat consistently interested and can deter them from wrecking your household furniture.