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Did you know that this adorable animal sitting on his cat perch has 290 bones and 517 muscles in his little body? It’s no wonder how your pet can gracefully leap to seemingly impossible heights.

These naturally gifted athletes love perching on elevated services, so instead of jumping on the kitchen counter, they can jump on their new cat perches!

The Benefits of Cat Perches

  • A high place for exploring and entertainment
  • A great source of exercise
  • A comfortable spot for cat naps
  • A safe spot for grooming
  • Another spot to claim their own territory

Cat Perch
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Cat Walks or Cat Perches?

Cat perches and cat walks serve very similar purposes. Cats will often perch on their elevated cat shelves and survey the ground below. If you have an older or less athletic cat, a cat walk is a safe way to access these elevated shelves.

In combination, cat shelves and cat walks allow you to create a basic, or elaborate race course for your cat to run, jump, and dive to different levels. These are very popular for owners with young or excitable cats as they can release their pent-up energy, then take a nap on the same cat perches they were just running on!

For more information, check out our various sizes and textures of cat shelves and cat walks!