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When purchasing supplies for your pet cats, cat tree condos should be on the top of your list. Why? Because all cats need a place where they can climb and hide.

Cat Tree Condos
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Cats love to climb in their cat tree condos because it helps them feel safe. When a cat is perched on top of their cat tree condos, they can survey their environment from a safe vantage point. Your pet may feel the urge to get up high in a variety of circumstances:

  • If he feels threatened. Every cat will feel threatened by something in his environment at one time or another. For your cat, it may be when he sees the neighbor’s dog approaching, or if a new friend is coming over to visit. Loud noises, fireworks or sirens can also frighten your cat, propelling him to leap toward his cat tree condos for safety. If you introduce a new cat into the family, your pet may feel threatened by his presence. As a result, your cat may climb up his cat tree condo to look over the intruder and make sure things are safe.
  • If he gets scared. Scared cats want to run and hide. A cat tree condo can provide your pet cat with the ideal hiding spot. When frightened by loud noises or other circumstances, all your feline needs is a safe place to retreat to. This safe spot will help your cat pull himself together and calm down. Before long, his nerves will settle down and he will gather up enough courage to peak out of his cat tree condos. Once your cat realizes he is safe and that there is no immediate danger, he will venture out of his condo to re-join the family. Allowing your pet to come out of his cat tree condo on his own terms and in his own time is extremely important. Forcing a scared cat out of his hiding place will only cause him to feel more traumatized.

Setting up Your Cat Tree Condos

Cat tree condos can serve as a refuge place for your scared or intimidated cat. Be sure to place your cat tree condos in a quiet place. A small corner, bedroom or utility room may be the ideal spot. If you have more than one cat, you may need multiple cat tree condos. While kittens may have no problem sharing their cat tree condo with a sibling, older cats will appreciate having their own space. Finding cat tree condos for your pets is relatively easy if you utilize the internet. Shopping in pet stores or super-stores can be time-consuming and frustrating as well as difficult to find well-made cat tree condos that suit your pet’s needs. Here at Custom Cages, we sell a number of high-quality cat furniture including outdoor-friendly cat tree condos. Since all of our products are listed online, you can view different models with the click of a mouse. Within minutes, you can be ordering the cat tree condo of your dreams!