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All cats need a place to climb, jump, run, and rest. When you don’t want them doing this on your furniture, it’s time to get a cat condo!

Why are these cat trees so popular? Because cats love them!

Our feline friends adore them for a few reasons:

  • Gives them a sense of safety
  • Shy cats may feel less timid by climbing
  • Come with various levels and opportunities for entertainment
  • Another piece of territory for your cat to claim
  • A comfortable spot to rest after playtime
  • Scratching posts and toys can deter cats from damaging furniture

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5 Tips for Setting up Your Cat Trees

  1. Cat tree condos can serve as a place of refuge for your cats. Be sure to place the condo in a quiet place, like a spare bedroom or utility room, for example.
  2. If possible, cat trees should receive some direct sunlight and also have a shaded spot. This isn’t a requirement, but it helps your feline friend warm up or cool down.
  3. Keep your cat tree condos away from fragile decorations. Hyper cats may bolt in and out of their trees, so it’s best to keep cat trees and condos in a generally open area.
  4. If you have more than one cat, you may need multiple cat tree condos. While kittens may have no problem sharing their cat tree condo with a sibling, older cats will appreciate having their own space.
  5. Ever considered an outdoor-friendly cat condo? If you have an outdoor cat cage or catio, an outdoor cat tree can add a lot of fun and safety to their time outside.