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Chinese water dragons may be relatively easy to care for, but a Chinese water dragon cage is far from simple.

Not only is this reptile physically active and able to climb, it’s also a great swimmer, which requires a more elaborate set-up.

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Chinese Water Dragon Cages
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Customizing a Chinese Water Dragon Tank

Our reptile cages are designed to meet the requirements of a Chinese water dragon enclosure. And with Custom Cages, you can design it exactly how you want it!

Our interactive tool, the Custom Configurator, lets you design your own enclosure, from the ground up, directly on our site!

Everything is customizable from the size of the enclosure, to the materials of the exterior, to the decor you put inside.

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You can save your progress and return at any time!

Maybe you’re not ready to create a full-grown Chinese water dragon enclosure.

You can always contact our expert team for assistance designing your pet’s new home, or you can browse our popular cage designs, decor, and equipment!

Each Chinese water dragon cage is handcrafted and carefully sanded by our expert craftsman. Every corner and edge is carefully examined to make sure it is smooth and free from splinters. The frames come standard with solid oak, but you can request maple, cherry wood, and a list of other materials.

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Hybrid Reptile Cages
Majestic Reptile Cages

With our Chinese water dragon cages and customizable options, you can create the design you love, without sacrificing the comfort of your pet!

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