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Big Bird Cages

If you’ve read anything about bird keeping, you know that parrots need a big bird cage. Space is needed to house the parrot, food dishes, watering dishes, toys, perches, accessories and swings. The parrots themselves can take up quite a bit of room, depending on the breed. Amazon parrots for example can reach 3 feet in length.

While everyone agrees that parrots need a large bird cage, the question remains, how large is large enough? The answer: it depends on the size of your bird. In general you want your parrot to be able to stretch his wings without hitting either side of the bird cage.

The proper size also depends on the number of birds you plan to keep in each birdcage. The more birds you have the larger the parrot cage should be. If you want an exceptionally big bird cage, consider purchasing custom bird cages, which can be made to match any measurements.

Where to Find a Big Bird Cage

It can be difficult to find a big bird cage at a traditional pet store, due to limited storage room. As a result, it is easiest to purchase a big bird cage directly from a manufacturer. Custom Cages is an excellent choice. They offer a number of large bird cages at reasonable prices.

The Suncatcher bird aviaries come in 3 feet, 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet –up to 12 feet in diameter. Many of the Hybrid birdcages are enormous, with one the largest models spanning 72"H x 144"L x 48"D.Even these large models come with pull out trays, making clean-up a breeze. Castors can be added to the bottom of the birdcage for easy transportation.

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