HR02 Reptile Cage 72″H x 144″L x 36″D H3

$8,114.22 $7,501.19

$8,114.22 $7,501.19

Great size for Green Iguana cages, Boa cages, a Snake cage, Lizard cage or Bearded Dragon enclosure!

Give your pet room to stretch! One of our biggest and most popular specials (although we can make larger!), our 72″H x 144″L x 36″D H3 reptile cage is an amazing setup for any animal. These large reptile cages make great Boa cages and Green Iguana cages! There is plenty of room for even the largest lizard or snake to feel at home in this enormous enclosure. All our H3 large reptile cages come standard with acrylic front doors and sides for excellent viewing, and a laminate back, floor and top. Aluminum laminate or any other material that we offer can be used for any panel of any reptile enclosure, you can even turn your custom reptile cages into glass terrariums! Like any of our custom reptile cages, a hood for lighting or stand for storage can be added and easily interlocked, even ones this big! Optional casters make moving any snake cage , lizard cage or bearded dragon enclosure easy! Our Pull out divider option also allows you to house multiple animals within the one reptile cage. Great conversation piece not only for your home or office, but for pet stores, museums, nature centers, or zoos. An awesome attraction!

Hybrid Reptile Cage Information

Hybrid Reptile Cage Materials

Hybrid Reptile Cage Customization


Package includes:
  • 1 1/2" Aluminum Frame
  • Acrylic Front Doors/Sides
  • 3/8" Laminate Back/Floor Panels/Top
  • Secure Locking System


Package includes:
  • All basic package features
  • 6 Black Dome Fixtures
  • Mounting Hardware for Internal Installation of Dome Fixtures
  • 3 150W Heat Emitters
  • 3 150W Halogen Spot Lamps
  • 3 24” Full Spectrum Combos
  • 1 1000W Thermostat w/Probe
  • 12 3” Vents/Cord Hole Grommets
  • 8 Heavy Duty Casters
  • 3 Power Center Day-Night Timers


Package includes:
  • All basic and deluxe package features
  • 8 Replica Rock Shelves
  • 3 Replica Basking Ledges
  • 2 Y Shaped Replica Logs
  • 2 Jumbo Straight Replica Logs
  • 1 Jumbo Water Dish/Base
  • 1 Replica Rock Base
  • 1 Medium Food Dish
  • 6 Assorted Plants
  • 6 Assorted Vines
  • 6 Bags of Reptile Bark


Package includes:
  • All basic, deluxe and complete package features
  • 1 of 40 different image backgrounds

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