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Finding the right turtle cages for your pets is making sure it is suitable, safe, and comfortable. In many ways, you want your turtle cages or turtle enclosures to be a good fit for your pet. Having a good turtle cage set up is important to the happiness and health of your pet. Our experts can help you pick the right materials for your ideal turtle cage setup from filtration systems to decorations.  

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Custom Cages manufactures turtle cages and tanks of all different sizes and specifications. Most of the turtle cages are made of glass with wood stands. You can either choose from a majestic or hybrid style cage for your turtles. Hybrid turtle tanks have clear, acrylic doors, which allow you to see your turtles at all times. In addition, they come in multiple colors such as Black Granite, Natural Granite, Cambridge Cherry, English Oak, Golden Oak, and Prestige Maple. 

Majestic turtle cages offer the most viewing area than any other furniture style reptile system. You can choose from many durable, pet safe, wood finish styles of oak and maple wood. We use only the highest quality materials for each custom turtle cage. When you customize your turtle cage, you decide the height, length, and depth as well as the mixture of aquarium to terrarium within the cage. In most turtle cages and turtle tanks, the bottom portion is typically filled with water. At the bottom of the turtle cage, a filtration/backflow system is installed to keep the water clean and fresh. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep the turtle cage clean, so it important that a Seamless Sump and Siphon Stopper also be installed. After you customize the turtle cage to your standards, we will provide you with recommendations on turtle tank accessories that would go well with your turtle cage. Our turtle cages are durable, transportable, and are easy to assemble. For more information and to configure your turtle cage, contact us today.

Turtle Cage Setup

Starting the set up of your turtle cage requires that you start with the right sized cage, a turtle cage should be 20 gallons per young turtle and 40 gallons for adult turtles. These sizes will ensure that your turtle has the right amount of space to be happy in its environment.

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Fill the Tank With Water

Many types of turtles need a decent amount of water in order to swim. To start, the water needs to be at least twice as deep as the turtle’s length. For example, if you have a 3″ turtle you should provide at least 6-7″ of water. To ensure the safety of your turtle it is important to provide an area for your pet to get out of the water to avoid trapping your turtle in the water.

Basking Area

Having a basking area for your turtle will help it to dry off from swimming, keeping the pet’s skin from having issues. These areas can be created by stacking rocks or by making a slope on one side of the cage. Another option is to purchase a turtle dock, these are normally either wood or plastic and are designed to be an area for your turtle to bask in. No matter what material you choose, be sure that your turtle is able to get on it easily and it allows for your turtle to dry off entirely.

Cage Decorations

Cage decoration is important for a proper cage set up, but you want to avoid cluttering the cage. Turtles tend to push items over and moving them as they move around their cage. You may be tempted to add nice looking plants or items similar but keep in mind that your turtle will likely try to eat them thinking they are food. Most of these plastic decorations will almost always end up being ripped up or moved to a different location making it harder to clean. The best decorations for a turtles cage is an item such as large rocks, stones, or driftwood. One note on the driftwood, make sure you are only using the type that is specifically made for a turtles cage, this will ensure that your turtle does not get sick from any unnatural ingredients.

Cage Heat

The appropriate temperature of the water in your turtle’s cage is 74-78 degrees Fahrenheit, while the basking spot of your cage should be between 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit. You can achieve the basking temperature by having a basking spotlight over the area. However, the basking light should be turned off at night to let the temperature drop to the correct temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. By using a reptile lamp for the basking area, it will help to keep your turtle warm when it is not in the water. However, ensure that there is no possibility that your turtle can touch the light or that it can fall into the water as these can be dangerous for your pet. Using a thermometer will help you track the temperature of the area and make sure it is correct. Keep in mind that the lamp will heat the air in the cage as well.

If required, you can use a water heater to keep the water in the cage warm. If you do decide to utilize a water heating device, make sure to check it regularly to ensure that it is not overheating the water and that your turtle has not disturbed it. You can do this by placing something heavy behind it like a rock or by covering it with sturdy material.

Cleaning the Cage

Keeping the turtle cage clean is important to the health of your pet. Your cage should have a water filtration system to keep the water clean. A note is to get a filter that is made for more than the water you have in your tank as turtles are very messy. By using a filtration system it will reduce the amount of time you have to change the water in the tank. However, to help ensure clean water, change the water at least twice a month.

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An outstanding resource is a staff member at Custom Cages, a premier manufacturer of custom turtle cages. We have a team of experienced staff who are experts in the caging industry. They know all about what type of boa cage or corn snake cage is ideal for your pet. We strive to always make ourselves available to our customers. If you have a question about selecting, designing, or ordering your turtle cages, simply give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out.