Decorative Bird Cages from Custom Cages

If you have a classy, upscale home you want decorative bird cages that will match your colors & style. And if you’re concerned that a birdcage will be an eyesore in your living room, think again.

The Majestic Cages are far from unsightly. Their name adequately represents their quality—they are majestic, both in appearance and design. These decorative bird cages are museum quality. With so many models available, you can easily find one large enough for a Macaw cage or small enough to serve as a finch cage. Not only that, some of these parrot cages are so spacious they make an outstanding aviary. While standard models are available for ordering, you can also order custom bird cages to suit your exact specifications.

4 Reasons Why These Decorative Bird Cages are an Attractive Addition to Any Upscale, Modern Home

1. They are made out of solid wood. That’s right, no particle board or cheap stuff. Each and every one of these decorative bird cages has a solid oak frame. If you prefer something different, you can request maple or cherry wood.

2. Legs. Some of the decorative bird cages come with legs, giving them a stunning burst of style and class.

3. Attractive stains. There are 4 stains available, including natural oak, colonial oak, dark walnut, and autumn cherry. These options enable you to make your decorative bird cages even more attractive.

4. All the help you need. Custom Cages prides itself on offering superior customer service and one-on-one support to every customer who needs assistance. If you have any questions, need some advice, or just want someone’s opinion, their expert birdcage team will be there for you every step of the way. You won’t find bird cages of this quality or customer service at this level anywhere else in the industry.

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