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When planning a large summer, family meal with several relatives attending, which is easier? Serving the meal outside on the picnic table (using paper plates) or setting everything up inside? Well, if you don’t want to spend all your time cleaning up, the picnic table is the best option. You just set things up, wipe it off and throw all the trash away. No need to worry about vacuuming the carpet the get rid of crumbs.

Outdoor bird aviaries offer the same type of convenience when it comes to cleanup. These bird aviaries can sit on a porch or cement slab just outside of your house. To keep things clean, simply spray the slab off with the hose.

Keeping Clean Up Simple with Bird Aviaries

Every bird owner knows how messy meal time is. Parrots love food and they are exceptionally messy eaters. Before dinner is over your birdcage will be strewn with seeds, shells, and pieces of uneaten food. Parrots take no pains to keep their birdcages clean, especially when they are engrossed in a meal. Outdoor aviaries are about the easiest type of birdcage around to keep clean. Not only that, they also provide your parrot with a healthy dose of fresh, air, sunshine and exercise—something every parrot needs.

The Suncatcher bird aviaries are extremely roomy and make great macaw cages. They are made out of sturdy wire and each panel is constructed using welded hinges. This provides maximum strength and durability. They are also powder coated with non-toxic material, which provides an attractive furniture-like appearance.

Take it From the Experts…

Custom Cages is an expert company in the bird cage industry. They’ve combined years of experience with top-notch research and experiments to produce the world’s most durable, functional and attractive birdcages and bird aviaries. Parrot owners, hobbyists, professional breeders, pet store owners and zoos have all used Custom Cages’s bird enclosures with the utmost of satisfaction. And you won’t be disappointed either.

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