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Iguanas are large lizards that require sizeable iguana enclosures. If you house your pet in an iguana terrarium or monitor cage that is too small, he will become sad and depressed. As a result, your pet will probably have a short lifespan.

Iguana Enclosures
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It is critical that your iguana enclosures are at least 6 feet long. This is an adequate size for a full-grown lizard. However, you don’t know how large your pet may actually become. You may need a much larger iguana enclosures or monitor cages than you originally thought. Unfortunately, you may not find this out until your pet has already outgrown his monitor cage or iguana terrarium.

While most iguanas grow to be 4.5–6 feet long, they can become much larger than that. If this is the case, you will need gigantic monitor cages or iguana enclosures.

Expandable Iguana Enclosures

It can be frustrating to discover that your pets are outgrowing their monitor cages or iguana enclosures. You’ve just spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on a beautiful iguana terrarium or monitor cage. Now you have to replace it with a python cage or iguana terrarium that is larger.

However, if you purchased your original iguana enclosures, from Custom Cages, you don’t have to scrap your iguana terrarium at all—even if your pet is outgrowing it. You can simply add a few panels to expand your iguana enclosures.

All of the monitor cages and iguana enclosures offered by Custom Cages have this expandable feature. So you won’t have to worry about wasting your original purchase. If you need a bigger python cage or monitor cages, simply call us up and order a few extra panels. You’ll have that gigantic iguana terrarium you need in no time at all—at a fraction of the cost.

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